Torker DX Trials Uni

Has anyone converted a 20’’ Torker DX into a trials uni? If so, would you have to replace anything but the tire? I am thinking about doing this because it would be cheaper than buying a cheaper trials uni and replacing the hub with a splined one. Also, would wheight be a problem?


The DX uses a standard 20" rim, not a Trials 19" rim. I haven’t found a high-volume tire in the US that gets close to a trials tire. If you’re in the UK you can try an Onza Stick Fingers.

Otherwise you would need to convert to a trials rim. The DX is 48 spoke, I believe most trials rims are 36.

THere are a few brands with a 48 spoke 19in trials rim, im tryin to get one for my Dx

Same here.

Probally the Qu-ax 48 spoke rim, or I think Alex rims has a 48 spoke one.

There was a thread were somebody did this, Ill have to find it.

Thanks! Now I need to find out where to get that rim. Oh yah, would I need to use a 24’’ frame then so there is sufficiant tire clearance?

Not if you have a 2005 DX.