torker dx strength limit

Ok so I’m buying a torker dx and I’m really super duper nervous about possibly bending something. Has anyone ever, in the history of mankind, twisted the axle on a dx, bent a crank, (i know the frame’s been broken) or anything else on it? I’m really scared that I’m gonna blow 250$ and have it break. (even though it’s probably not going to.)

Your torker dx seat is for sale not sail.

I’ve heard that their pretty good although the frame snaps on the older models but i’ve heard they fixed that.

Didn’t you already make this thread?

I’m slightly paranoid about these kinds of things. :roll_eyes:

Don’t be paranoid, its very strong and you won’t have any issues with it. I’ve been riding it hard for over a year and not one thing has broken (not even the frame)

i jsut bought the torker dx its a big difference from my old sun but its pretty nice, nothing spacial, and the crank arm nubs beat the hell out of my ankles but what can i do. it feels pretty sting and for being as heavy as it is it better be, oh yea cut about 8 inches off the seatpost them suckers is long.

i think i need to correct the following spelling errors:just, special, strong.

Only one that I know of waves hand hello :smiley: I bent 2 hubs, snapped my cranks off once, broken 7 spokes out of the wheel at once, and snapped 2 f there frames along with bending another 2. But like I told ya man, it is actually one of the strongest unis out there. I just used to do really high drops when I was fat :smiley: lol. But the koxx unis are really strong. Ive done the same drops on that uni and never bent a crank or axle.

so you like your koxx!

the DX won’t break on you dude, don’t worry about it!
just be sure to not tighten the crank pinch bolts too tight
MY SEATPOST CLAMP is cracked ::GRR:: and they wouldn’t replace my bumper when it broke… what the heck is that!!
its a bunch of horse hokey it is!!
torker warranty sucks
get a koxx :stuck_out_tongue: then you won’t be able to break it

Lol whys that mate?

why is what?
my seatclamp breaking(almost broken completely)
i tightened it until the post wouldn’t spin if i hit it w/ a slegehammer and the uni didn’t move :slight_smile:
the seat stiffener was also broken when I sent it in for warranty of the frame, but they didn’t fix it.
the rim is superultrastrong, but its an '05. i bottomed out the rim SUPER bad off a 9 set and it barely flatspotted it at all, you have to spin the rim pretty fast and put your finger up to it to tell at all.

you can gap a 9 set :astonished:

why didn’t you put that in your sponsorship vid?

I broke some of there frames and they took one or two back for me. Ohh and I tought you ment the crank bolt, you had me worried there, I know what you mean bout hte seat clamp. I have broken a few. including the old one on my koxx- im usin a mod one now :smiley:

Don’t you already have a 24" dx? you should know it’s not going to break for a very long long time. I weight 170 and never roll out with my 24" dx and nothing has bent…nothing even creaks. the 20" has shorter cranks which lessens the chance of bending the axle even more.

You’re not going to break it…Especially seeing as you’re 13…you probably weigh…what…120 lbs? It’ll last you many years.

he, I’m 13 and weight 74 pounds :sunglasses:

i didn’t video it … it was really dark when I did it too
it wouldn’t have shown up
it was an insane 9 set to jump too… it didn’t have nearly enough run up. I could probably do a 12 set if i had a perfect run up.

somehow that’s really hard to believe but when I think of your rolling gaps i don’t doubt it. :smiley:

You’ve heard that they’re pretty good, not you’ve heard that their pretty good.
P.S. I only did this cos you did it to him

I don’t mind it when people correct my grammatical errors or anything like that.

Hehe cody don’t cout he like does, well, um, I dunno, he just breaks stuff easy. Anyways don’t wory about it too much. I put a good beating on mine. Only complaint I have is the seatpost. I broke off my bracket thing. But who cares a seat post il like what 10 bucks.