Torker DX or Nimbus Trials

I’m looking for a new trials uni. I’ve been riding for a good while, and can do entry level trials stuff, but nothing extreme yet. If you were in my position, would you put your money towards the 2010 Torker DX 20in, or the Nimbus 20in Trials?


Hey I asked that question a while ago. I ended up buying the nimbus ISIS and I think its good value fo the the money. :slight_smile:

But I dont no much about the new Torker DX.

Oh, cool. That post will help me out.
I’m going to leave this one up though, because the Torker has been COMPLETELY redone (new frame, ISIS, etc.) and it’s coming down in price as well. The old torker is already cheaper than the Nimbus is though, being somewhere in the mid 200’s while the Nimbus Trials is about $300 on UDC.

I own the 2009 DX. It’s bombproof, I weight about 280 and I do curb hops and I’m yet to have to do anything to it in the 6 months I’ve had it. My only gripe is the weight, it’s like 15 lbs.

If the new DX is ISIS as they say, then it has exactly the same crank options, plus there is a new option… the Torker CrMo ISIS cranks that come on it. It’s possible that it’s wider and all of that, but it’s hard to tell for sure until it hits the street. The Nimbus is tried and true. The Torker is an unknown, but having a CrMo frame vs. the “Steel” frame of the Nimbus means that in theory it could be lighter, and stronger. The wider rim on the Nimbus is certainly a nice upgrade over the DX32 on the Torker, but is it enough to say that it is categorically a better uni?

We just need to see these uni’s come to market and hope that someone puts up a decent review. It would be nice to see how it directly compares to the Nimbus, and maybe how it stacks up against the KH.

I’ve ridden the 2010 Torker DX and thought it was quite nice, thinking of buying a 24" when the funds are available. The old/current version looks and feels like it was welded together out of WWII tank parts, but the new one is much sleeker and lighter an yet still pretty much bomb-proof.

As far as the rim goes, unless you plan on dropping off the Space Needle (which I don’t recommend) the DX32 rim holds up extremely well. Many were using it on the Muni run at Nationals this year.