Torker DX 24 vs. Yuni 24 - Which is better?

Hello to everyone…

I’ve been reading the posts on the Torker DX (2005 model). May I get your opinion?

Which do you think would be better for street riding and some light off-road…the Torker DX 24 or the Yuni 24 (see links below)? I would like to get into more of a muni thing later but not now. Could I add a knobby tyre to one of these to make it better for muni? Do either take a 3" knobby tyre to begin with?

Finally, the Yuni is significantly more expensive. Is it worth it?


Yuni 24

Torker DX 24

Well, I get my torker Dx tomorrow and I am sure i made the right choice. The dx is way better and cheaper, even if they were both the same price id still go with the dx.

Well,id say the dx is better.I dont know much about the Yuni,but the dx is splined and a lot stronger.The 2005 dx can take a 3 inch tire,but not the gazz.The seat are pretty nuch alike.
And the dx is MUCH cheaper here

(if they dont have a 24" keep cheacking back;they will sooner or later)

I’d definatley go with the dx.

I wonder what tire is on this … 2005 torker

Thats a cx…not good.Its got a kenda 1.75 inch tire.I wouldnt recommend it.

i have a dx and i love it, just the feel of it is so strong, and yes a 150 on ebay, you cant beat it!

the tire it comes with is just fine for me right now, and like 10x better than the LX tire…

theres no comparison between the lx and dx. everything is so much heavier duty on the dx.

I beg to differ

Hey would a 20 inch Dx be a good intermediate trials…?


I mean without buying a different rim and stuff.

I mean without buying a different rim and stuff.

I have a 20" torker dx “trials” and its pretty good for trials except i dont like the tire im going to find a wider one.but for intermediate stuff its pretty okay.

I’ve owned the DX 24 for a couple months now, and can only say that it is DEFINITELY worth the price. Simply by looking at the price differences in hub/cranksets, you realize that you’re paying MUCH less for a much stronger set. I won’t try to compare it too much with the Yuni due to lack of experience. I’m not terribly easy on my DX, and never feel like i’m over-stressing it.

There are a few things to consider though. With the torker uni, replacement parts might be a bit of a headache (48 spoke hub/wheel makes for strength, but the good DH rims are all 36) Also, the 10 spline hub might be hard to fine cranks for. These things I haven’t researched much, so it might be possible to get them from Torker, or match up with BMX stuff. (Anyone with input here, please pipe up)

The frame is a good design, and strong. The seat is essentially the KH seat, and leagues more comfy than the miyata/viscount seats. Petals are standard wellgo’s and have been replaced on mine due to bearing problems. I immediately put an Arrow Savage 3" tire on for my Muni riding and have been nothing but impressed with the DX’s durability.

The only comparison that I can bring to the table on this matter is with those of all my friends’ cotterless Suzue hubs with standard cranks, but as I’ve seen here on the forums and elsewhere, cotterless cranks are always difficult to keep straight under heavy use. All my friends paid somewhere in the ballpark of 210-260 for Uni’s through UDC, and all but two of them have tweaked out cranks or twisted hubs now. I paid about 175 for mine shipped with a way better seat, and stronger hub/crankset.

Moral of my story is this. Just because it costs more, doesn’t mean its going to be “better” in some mysterious way. Cotterless cranks will always be weaker than Splined, and until these other companies realize that they’re losing business to Torker, they’ll try and sell “MUNI’S” with cotterless cranks at higher prices. Rest assured, I’ll post an update if I ever encounter crank/hub problems with my uni on here, but thus far haven’t heard any reports of breaking.

Happy shopping, and we’ll be looking forward to hearing about what you get, and your follow-up on this thread.


Thanks to all for your replies to this thread! I am still in “decision mode” but hope to figure it out soon. It sounds like a DX would be a preferable way to go right now.