Torker DX 20

Why do you think this has a 19 inch rim? Is that bad or good?

its because the frame is set up so that thicker tires can’t fit. By making it a 19in frame, it means that they can squeeze a bigger tires on it, making it better for beginning off road and trials.

So is it good or bad?

Indeed it is good.

The rim is the same size as the ones on all other ‘trials’ unicycles, it allows for a bigger tire that is better hopping around with. You’ll only really find normal 20" tires and rims on freestyle unicycles.

(by the way, where abouts in AZ are you?)

Its good! It means better bounce and balance!

Thanks for all the help. Im in Phoenix

Well a 19inch rim is a trials rim. It’s usally wider and stronger. It’s a good thing. Because for trials you need a good tire, and all good trials tire’s come in 19inch.