Torker DX 20" 2010??

I’m considering buying a new unicycle and this one seems about right for me. I’m six foot and 170 pounds and I just want to make sure that this unicycle is the right size for me.

Also curious on opinions about this uni in general. Thanks.

What type of riding do you plan to do? I have a torker DX 24 I use for Muni. Only had 2 problems it’s heavy and I don’t think I have much options when it comes to crank length. I recommend getting something like a nimbus which had Isis hub so you’ll have a lot of options. If I could do it again I just get a Kh. But it was a big investment in the unknown so I didn’t.

torker dx is now isis. if you wanna do trials or street, that’s perfect, and very strong. but if youd rather go a bit faster or go offroad, get the dx 24".

Since posting I have looked into the Nimbus 20" Trials and it seems like a better choice for the money. 1.5 pound difference sounds pretty huge. Thanks for all the advice. :slight_smile:

and I’m mostly planning on doing trials as well as some freestyle and street. I would do some Muni but I don’t have the cash for two unicycles and that seems like the only way to do both Muni and street.

That I didn’t know wish they had done that in 09! owell also wish they kept the brake mounts on there.

i’d go 24"