torker CX muni/bc wheel

ok so my last post didn’t get much attention.

so basicly i found an old little bike in my basement and i took the front wheel off for my bc wheel it’s a 20 in. tyre so i suppose it will be sufficient.

as far as the torker CX i just took the actuall tyre off the back of the bike and put it on the CX, i’m getting a KH street saddle for christmas so i’ll replace the crappy CX saddle for the less crappy DX saddle.i’m gonna replace the good-for-nothin pc pedals that come with the CX with the odyssey twisted pc pedals.

well thats pretty much it the muni wno’t be anything special but it’ll function pretty good… it’ll save my DX some pain.

give me some feedback if you have it,oppinions,what not else…


I don’t know what kind of bike you found your basement but you want a beefy axle for a BC but I’m guessing you are pretty light so if it is the skinnier axle it might be OK for a while, but don’t be too suppressed if it breaks.

What are your plans for the CX? How are you going to save your DX pain? DXs are designed to take a beating, don’t be afraid of hurting it.

I have the Odyssey twisted plastics on two of my unicycles, they are great petals.

Have fun with the BC and unicycles.

thanks eric for the tip about the bc i’m not heavy at all i just want to learn how to ride a bc and it seems like a good idea. i know the DX can take a beating but why put it through twice as much pain if there is an alternate.

how easy is it to make some bc plates?They don’t even have to be metal.I think muniaddict made some outa wood a while back.

you will have to reinforce them with metal bracts like he did or they will snap before your on but they are easy to make just follow his design

Honestly, to me, it seems dumb to have an “alternate” that is much weaker than your main ride.

The DX can take a beating, the CX really can’t.

What are you worried about with the DX? That it will get a scratch? It won’t break, it’ll just get dirty and get a few scratches. The CX will, given enough time and abuse, be destroyed. I would think the CX would be better for learning new skills, road riding, teaching someone, or for use in a situation where your uni could be easily stolen.

I dunno, just seems counterintuitive to me to buy a unicycle that is meant for one thing (muni), and swap it out for another that isn’t meant at all for that purpose.

Maybe it’s just me.

hmmm perhaps maybe. you’r ruining my fun man.

Hes not ruining your fun, hes saving you money. Theres no reason at all to try and make the CX into a muni, it wasn’t designed for it so it wont last. You are better off putting the money towards a carbon fiber base for the DX or new pedals or something.

actually i’m not out any money i already have the pedals and when i get my kh street saddle i won’t use the dx saddle. so really i’m just upgrading a crappy unicycle to a crappy unicycle with some good parts on it. though i’m second guessing the bc wheel.

Why not just buy a second DX then?

So, I take it from this thread that torker Dx saddles are, in fact, compatible with my crappy Cx? Because I dislike the Cx saddle, and I was using my very first unicycle seat, but I have broken that.

I have never used the CX saddle but the DX saddle is very similar if not identical to old school KH saddles and Nimbus Hightop saddles. I love my old school KH with cut down and grooved foam.