Torker 20'' or 24''

I am going to get a Torker Unistar LX 20’’ with my birthday money, but I want to know if this will be OK for the occasional MUni. I will probably ride mostly freestyle, But I want to occasionaly use it on hiking trails when we go camping and stuff like that. I know neither of them is made for MUni, but I am asking, will they do it fairly well? and which one would be better for the riding that I am doing, Freestyle, and hiking trails?

If you want to go on the trails, maybe getting the 24 would be better. I’m sure you could still do freestyle on it (although it might be a little bit harder if you’re not tall.) Maybe you could get a knobby tire for it and switch them when you plan on going to the trails.

yep, the 20 will be tall small for any XC and the 24 might be too big for your freestyle.

neiether will be all that fun on muni anyways so i’d go with the 20, that way when you decide you need to get a proper muni you can get something with a 2.5 - 3.0 inch tire (something that can handle rough terrain)

I recommend the 20" as you can still ride around off road and if you plan to use it mainly for freestyle it is the way to go. Even though freestyle is possible on a 24", from my experience its so much nicer/easier on a 20".