Torker 20" and 24" DX for sale

I have a 2005 20" red Torker DX. Its in perfect shape except form some scratches.

Also a 2004 24" Torker DX with a kenda kollasal 2.4" tire. Scratches but in good shape.

Both are splined and strong.

I will also through in a nice pair of Vans shoes size 10, if you want.

Make offers, im thinking around $140 for the 24" and $160 for the 20". I will sell to the best offer.

Sorry bro but these days dx’s are looked down upon, ever since udc decided to sell cheap uni’s with isis hubs/cranks. I’m thinking your gonna have to come waaaaay down off those prices. I’ve seen people trying to get ride of 2007 dx’s for $175. I’d try $100-$110 for each.

Any pics?

yea i was go9ing to sell my 24 inch torker dx and somebody said it would be 100$ or lower…Sorry.

Lower than $100? i think the prices that he posted are reasonable. the DXs new are alot…

AIM’d. team is interested in 20"

Im interested in the 24". but not sure how high i can go for the price. in around a week i could give around 100-120 if shipping is included
I’d like to see some pics
let me know if your interested.

Yeah, for around $100 more you can get a brand new one. Not one thats a couple years old.

Really? The cheapest I’ve seen them new is for around $240.

Ok, lets review. He’s asking 140 and 160.



20" sold

Slaps forehead
I’m sorry, I didn’t see the “more” in your post.

So I thought that you said that you could get one for $100 dollars.
My bad, I didn’t read carefully enough. :o

Still, for some people $100 is a lot of money. So how about this, if you aren’t interested in purchasing don’t post at all. If no one wants to buy it then no one will, I’m sure the original poster doesn’t appreciate you talking down his items. As far as the Torker DX being looked down upon, thats a lie. The unicycle is still an excellent deal especially if you can get one second hand at a decent price (which these are.)

you tell em! lol. I bought the 20" so am I allowed to talk in the thread? :wink:

Got any pictures? i’m interested in the 24, payment? Paypal?

Yeah ok. Is that why most everyone on these forums is saying to get the nimbus with isis hub/cranks instead of the dx? I’m not talking down on his unis, I was just saying I’ve seen newer ones (2-3 yrs. newer) sell for the same price he was asking.

But if your gonna go and get your panties in a bunch then maybe I’ll leave it alone.

You should really stop posting on the trading post threads if you don’t actually intend to buy anything. This is the 'Trading Post,’ not the ‘make negative remarks about the sellers product that greatly reduce their chance of making a sale post.’

Sorry for using your thread to make that statement.

You’re funny.

Ok i AIM him and i think we have a deal on the 24.

good to hear he sold both unicycles or is on the way to closing both deals :slight_smile: