TOque Games 2006

Unfortunately, the 2006 TOque Games will not be happening.

For details visit:


So come to OUI 06 in Ottawa instead.

Cheers Dave

You’re kidding! that’s downright scarry! I was planing on bringing a large groupe there this year!

Awww, what hte crap, i wanted to go.


I is not happy

oh, that’s sad, Carl… but we know it’s a lot of work and dedication you put in pasts TOque games. I’m still thanksful for that. Hope to see you at Moab instead.

Children, that was our only unicycle. There will be no TOQUE games this year…

There’s always Motorama…um, right?

yay for motorama. i cant wait.


Everybody go to Moab then!!

initiating a canadian unicycling association to cover for toque

sounds far away…

here’s another thought, originating from julien renaud:


Due to the fact that there is no TOque games this year , I was wondering if you guys ( The BUUC ) have some trial stuff so that we can organize something, like a small trial event in the end of the winter. We will also need an indoor place blah blah blah… We could also consider this “event” like a start for the canadian unicycling organisation that you were talking about a few months ago. I know that we dont have a lot of time but I think that it could be really fun

Let me know what you think of this.


Mike -I definitelly think you are on to something. as for an indoor location, that is definitelly a problem for the buuc, but not necessarilly for us in quebec (l’association de monocycle de quebec, the unicycling club of the quebec school of circus arts). as for trial stuf, that is the least of our wories. If we are going to make this work, we need to know as soon as possible how many people are seriously interested, and how much each is willing to pay to help cover for insurance costs, and all the rest.

-If all you guys from the unicycling community could let me know your interest level (willingness to pay between 10 and 100 dollars as an entrance fee, pay in advance, actually come… -I am throwing these out as rough measures) by tomarrow morning, I could initiate the process of planing the event!

Mike :slight_smile:

WHAT THE… I am sad! :frowning:

Sad to hear that the event won’t be going on in toronto this spring, hopefully this won’t be the last of the toronto unicyclist putting on events. I think I’m going to try to go up to toronto anyway sometime around when the toque games was, just to make it to a TUC meeting and catch up with everyone.

Cheers Mike

why dont you start another thread for that so it gets more publicity?

i would love to do something like that and would be willing to pay around 20 bucks for it

well i dont have a lot of experience in organizing something… that was just an idea but if we could have some riders that are interested im sure we could start something

NOOOOOOOO this is sooo sucky

AWW man this is SUCKS i was look forwards to it already!!! When is the OUI 2006??? and will there be unicycles for sale there???

I’m terribly, terribly sad…

Well… I’ll have to dance in Toque’s ghost and make sure I ride on that weekend…

2007 sure seems an awfull long time away…

there is always OUI and it could be worse because we could live out in the Yukon or something which isnt close to anything.