Ok i am now thinking of getting the Nimbus isis trials with the 137 moments. Is this a good idea? Will this be better than the quax? Thanks.


Hmmm, this is an interesting first place for me to post, but it really depends on what you will be doing with the unicycle. Flat? Trials? Uber technical MUni? Rolling trials? Drops?

EDIT: Perhaps you’ve gone insane and want that for freestyle?

Yeah its a good idea, that’s an awesome and affordable ride. Everyone has different opinions. People will say the qu-ax is stronger (the nimbus ISIS is lighter!) but I’ve ridden my nimbus ISIS super freaking hard and I’ve had no issues. That means for the average rider its more than strong enough.

Go for it and use the money you save over getting a qu-ax on a carbon fiber seat base in the future.

I agree with Brian IF you’re doing standard trials.

Isn’t there like a thread on this every day?

You probably shouldn’t be asking me, but I’ve been lurking long enough to notice a “search” button, so if you’re right…

Yes. Just like there always used to be Torker DX vs. Qu-ax posts every day. It’s pointless to fight it. It will never stop.

This is a very poor thread title, please use correct forum etiquette.

I agree.

Nimbus with 137mm moments would be sweet!

Yes, the nimbus is better. And if you post a logical and relevant title to your thread more people might look at it.

Sorry About the title

I like clicked on it and acidentally changed it. It used TO say " Nimbus ISIS trials. Help me!"