I want a uni I can use for longer rides but I’m just wondering if a 29’’ will do the trick for riding to school…which is about 3 miles with a pretty large hill and some smaller ones. So will a 29’’ work for something like that or will I get tired pretty easily and go w/ a 36’’. I just think a 29 would be able to manuver a little better but that isn’t too big of a deal.

Sorry if there’s already a thread for this cause I’m sure there is but I couldn’t find it…

There have been hundreds of 29 vs 36 threads over the years. For 3 miles a 29 will be fine, should make it in about 18 minutes. However a 36 is a whole new realm of unicycling, brilliant for longer distances.

29 is an awesome size and should have no difficulty covering that distance. You should consider what tyre you want on it and what crank length would be best as those choices make the difference between an XC muni and a touring cycle.

A 36 isn’t necessary for that distance (not that it’s really necessary for any distance) but if you had one you might well enjoy it :wink:

I bought a 29 first and upgraded later to a 36. Some people say that’s not necessary and that getting the 36 straight away was fine; I wasn’t confident enough to go straight to 36" and for me that was the right decision. I kept the 29 for use where I want something smaller / lighter, or for muddy offroad where my 36 is less grippy.

29" vs 36"

The 29 should be fine for 3 mile hikes, good for hills.

I find the 29" quite versitile.

To be honest, I’m in the process of purchasing a 36" for the Ride the Lobster race.

If it wasn’t for the race I’d never have the desire for a 36. But for pure touring and true long distance you have to have a 36" period.

For every day riding and touring arround in the city with busy streets the 29" will be my choice. For the long sunday rides on open bike trails and Ride the lobster race, it will be the 36.

Oh yeah, the 29" is great fun in the snow. My Kenda Klaw tire grips snow and ice and muddy spring/fall conditions.

what size cranks should I get cause I was going to just get the stock nimubus isis 29’’ that comes w/ 125…but I don’t really have any idea of what size would be right…so…

Start with standard crank size

I’d start with 125, gain experience and go from there.

Shorter cranks are nice to have but I use the 125 99% of the time.

I’ve got over 470 kilometers on my 29" using 125.

I’ve got very few clicks using shorter one’s.
You’ll find loss of power going up hills using short cranks.

I’ve ridden my friend’s 29", and it’s quite awesome (He has a 700C road bike rim and a 28c tire, pumped to 120!), but, in all truth, the 36" is just a completely different ride. I used to commute everywhere on my 24" DX Muni (all I had), and swore by it (if only because I could jump on stuff along the way if I got bored, which I did all the time), but once I got my 36", I’m never going smaller. I wish I could buy a 42 with a neumatic tire, and have been considering a 54" penny farthing wheel. I think I’m going to get a gear instead, though, so I can shift my 36. A 29 is nice for getting around from class to class at college, say, but for anything over a quarter mile I’d want a 36 or bigger, because smaller just feels so tedious.

Viva the 36" unicycle! :slight_smile:

18 minutes
LOL I can run faster than that
lot harder though

Good for you…
Thanks for the help…I’m reeeaally considering getting one…it’s either that or a new camcorder…can’t decide… AHHH

I think 29’er are perfect for short commutes like what you have in mind. In fact probably better as it’s easier to store you unicycle when you get to your destination.

I’m using a 29’er for Uninam next month, so that’s almost 500km riding in less than 2wks.

I often ride my 20 the 2.5 miles to work. I’ve done it in 30 min, including two or three stoplights (I can’t pedal super fast), but usually I meander and challenge myself along the way, taking up to an hour.

I’m commuting 5 miles each way on a 26" and it’s not bad (~40 mins), so a 29" should be no problem for 3 miles. That said, my next unicycle will definitely be a 36" (got the 26" muni for winter commuting).

If I cleared out my fleet and bought only one unicycle, knowing what I now know, it might well be a 29.

I have done many many miles on a 28. It is good for 10 mph for extended periods. It is easy to ride for 10 miles without a stop. It is relatively safe in traffic, and relatively safe amongst pedestrians. It is light and easy to carry, and small enough to store. Spare/alternative tyres and tubes and even rims are readily available.

I have done many hundreds of miles on a Coker, although I no longer own one. It is good for 12 mph for extended periods. It is easy to do 10 miles without a stop. It is more of a handful in traffic, and more intimidating to pedestrians.

There is no doubt that when you are doing what a Coker does best, there is nothing better than a Coker.

But for general riding, the 29 is probably a more versatile and safer bet.

It is unfortunately a while since I’ve had the combination of time, daylight, weather and fitness to do any significant amount of riding. At one time a couple of years ago, I was riding 50 miles or more a week, variously on 28, Coker, and 26. My longest ever ride was on the 28 (about 55 miles). My longest ever ride without a dismount was on the 28 (22 miles). There is no doubt that a 29 will suit all your practical purposes.

29" vs 36" vs 40"

Well the way i see it is…
A 29er would good for short commuting runs.
A 36"/coker would be the ultimate commuting machine.
The 40" was a coker that i had modded which gave me insane speed and grip at the same time. :smiley: