1. whats the difference between sreet, trile, and regular riding?

2? will a torker CX work for doing the tricks that i see in movies that the people are grinding, jumping onto tables and spining, if not what could i get or do to it that would make it able to do that?

street is riding in skate parks, doing grinds and stuff, trails is jumping up onto things and off high stuff, and regular riding is just cruising around

2- no
definatly not
an lx might be able to do some of the stuff
a dx could do all.
but don’t get a cx. lx’s are 30$ more and 2X better.

Click the “Newbie Guide” link in my sig…it explains what the types are.

And make sure you make a better thread title next time.

and its not trile and also not trail

Its called trial from my opinion even if I’m a German one :slight_smile: