I am looking for something to replace a 29er and 36er. The 29 was geared but I stopped using 2nd gear regularly after it broke my arm (housing slip, not a hub issue).

My usual riding is a 4 mile each way commute, composing of roads and tarmac cycle paths. On the cycle path, the 29er was a bit slow and on the roads, a 36er was not really maneuverable enough.

While there are reviews up for 32s, I was wondering if anyone thought different once the buyers remorse sets in.

I would be looking to replace a whole load of parts, but the unicycle itself is a significant cost.

I am looking at a 32 next UDC has a new model out by the end of the year they did not reveal any details.

Well, i bit the bullet. partly because i need a way to get home next week…

Sorry Roger, my knees do interesting things with frames for 125mm wide hubs. It’s a parts order.