top tire clearance for Muni frame


I am having someone build a MUni frame for me. I need to establish the tire clearance on top of the tire. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tire will be a Gazzaloddi 24 x 3.0 mounted on a Sun BFR rim.

I want side clearance to be 3/8" on either side.

I ride mostly packed single track with occasional loose dirt. I don’t ride in mudd unless there is a creek crossing or a small area dampened. The only time I might end up in mud would be on a Muni weekend or something similar, ie. once in a blue moon.


Work the maze.

if i was to have a custom uni built

i’d like to have more clearance than i need because,lord knows when you might want to mount fender or in the future having the extra room to put a bigger say 700c road wheel in there.

i guess i’m more of a all purpose person than sole purpuse,in my opinion go for versitility


I presume you allready have the BFR rim? If not, by all means get the Alex- same price, and will not round out that Gazz as much.

I can’t imagine needing more than an inch over the tire for mud- if you have that much mud on that big Gazz, you’re not going to be very happy, regardless of tire clearance. I would opt for more side clearance, say an even half inch. Side clearance is a bit scarce on my Lucifer frame (heh)- 'tis my only complaint. Those big knobbies can pick up rocks and play the frame like a zylaphone.

Speeking of crown clearance and accessories, any clue on how fenders attach to the fork?



traditional fenderz can be mounted by drilling a hole in the fork crown for a bolt.since there a no eyelits by the drop-outs,little clamps can be used.

if your seat post can protrude out the bottom of the seat tube you have the choice of drilling that,but thats a little weird.

another option i’ve seen are those DH front fenders for 2-wheelers,they mount with a expanding plug jammed in the head tube,but for uni’s it would be jammed in the seat tube above the tire.this would give a very bad ass feature to any monster 3.0 uni

then there is the cheap N cheezy seat post mounted via quick clamp, fender,known as a fox tail or somthing like that.these are good for Cokers

Rod -

When using the 24 x 3.0 Gazz the prototype frames I’ve built have 3/8" clearance on the sides and 3/4" clearance on top. It’s drier than a bone where I live so I don’t see much mud. This seems like enough clearance for me at least.

Steve Howard