top foot idle?

ive been trying to learn one footed tricks lately, but noticed when i idling on my non-dominant side, i use my top foot A LOT to control the motion, to the point that i have been able to change the footing on my bottom foot on the pedals. so what i’m wondering is, can someone take their bottom foot completely of the pedal and just idle with the top one? it takes might take shoes with a slight heel to catch the pedal when wanting to roll forward, but has anyone given it a try?

Re: top foot idle?

I’ve played around with something like this, but not to the point of mastering it. I put the top of my foot under the pedal and idle. I think there is a really good chance Daiki Izumida of Japan could do this. He can ride with the tops of both feet under the pedals… uh oh, I think I may have had to much of Harper’s root beer at UNICON…as I sit here I’m thinking that it may not be Daiki, it might be Colin Schworer from MN USA…I don’t remember for sure, I just know that someone rode like that and I saw it, or maybe it was a dream…I think it’s time for me to go nighty night.

hey Dustin,
I dont know names, but i remember one of the guys from Japan riding one footed with his foot under the pedal in circles, while Dan was filming him. I was actually filming him also, mabye i’ll get it loaded up on the comp for everyone, along with a bunch of other neato stuff they were trying.

I dont know about riding with just the top foot on the frame, i’ve tryed and it makes your one foot work alot, but then you just fall almost instantly. I ended up puting both feet up to the frame and walking the wheel back and forth with one foot to idle.
Best thing to do is to train your non-dominant foot to control when your one foot idling.


I remember there were at least two people who performed this feat (feet) at UNICON and one was Daiki I believe during his freestyle routine. We filmed lots of stuff, too, so I’ll have to watch for the move.


I think Daiki did the pedaling with the foot under the pedal and Colin did the pedaling with the foot on the side of the pedal.