Too Legit to Quit

My newest video. Enjoy. Comment. Etc. haha



Nice riding ;)! Didn’t liked the music though :P.

Nce, Madison. My favorite part was the grind over the gap.

75(ish) days :stuck_out_tongue:

lawl at the start with fairy kinda music as ur floating along. cool grinds. i like the angle changing as a substitute for not having a cameraman wen doing long lines. only disadvantage is it doesnt show consistency in ur riding as u only hav to do part of the line at a time. not much u can really do about it tho without leaving parts of the line out.

most of all i luv how u enjoy ur riding so much. i forget basically every month to just enjoy.

i liked watching it to some AvA instead of ur music lol.

keep riding man!

I liked it

Nice Madison! I really want to learn to glide now… The grinds were preeeetty sweet.

Nice gliding, and nice long trials lines.

And wait, I know that spot at 3:20 from Ryan Leech’s segment in The Collective.


so i pretty much love this video. the riding, your clothes, the awesome trials spots, everything! cooooooool beannssssss :slight_smile: i liked the grind over the gap too

yeah and don’t forget…we’re 2L2Q :slight_smile:

that’s what the mute button and you’re personal music collection is for :stuck_out_tongue: glad you liked the riding though haha I had fun making this.

yeah, that’s probably one of my favorite parts too. It wasn’t too hard and it looked awesome. NAUCC SOON! woot!

Thanks Isaac, I’m glad you liked it haha I hate not having someone behind the camera but you make due right? I thought about different music at some points but I liked this track for the intro cilp and it flowed decent with the rest. I’m glad my videos show that I enjoy my riding as much as I do. When I go out filming I go out just to film but I always try to have fun even just doing that. This is probably the most serious I’ve ever taken a video haha.

Thanks haha I’m glad.

DO ITTTT! You should learn to glide by NAUCC and then show me how it’s done haha.

Yeah. There’s a few places around town from some trials bike videos. I didn’t know Ryan Leech hit that exact spot before though! Awesome haha I’ll have to watch that segment again.

haha thanks Sarah I’m running out of trials spots now :stuck_out_tongue: I have to get creative and make longer lines now. Skinny jeans feel so cool to ride in :stuck_out_tongue: That skatepark I did the grind over the gap at is awesome! there’s some rails there and stairs I might hit in my next video. 2L2Q!

Liked the video, Looks like you have a lot of sick places to ride trials. Makes me want to go ride some trials…so peace