too bored to unicycle, CHUCK NORRIS

yeah, i got really bored, and since its like dark and cold outside… I created this account lol… It rocks… I really need to find better stuff to do.

well, is my uni good? i got a nimbus powdercoat black trials 19’’ frame, qu-ax hub and cranks trials, maxxis tire, kh saddle (street/trials). Just wondering about that. Its not too expensive, but from the hell ive put it through, it rocks a bit. Just want to know on the quality, kay?

Uni = good enough.
You = ignore list.

ok thanks man, and sorry bout goin on your ignore, your an awesome person from me being on the forums a bit, but thanks for the comment

wow o.0 some people are off their rocker, or rocking too hard lmao. Funny account name, because i could see it fitting in places, but a waste of forum

yay waste of forum

Dude what the fuck?
What did he do to you?
Your bitchy post = pointless and a waste of a post. Stop whining.

Oi Chuck, did you have a previous user name or is this your first?

Type into google search "searching for chuck norris"and click on feeling lucky.You may be surprised by the serach results.

Errr…woot??? :thinking:

Welcome to the forums Chuck Norris. :smiley:

don’t round house kick me.
please sir.


You have a huge point there, +1

I thought that Danni’s post was pretty good.
Short, concise and to the point.

He effectively answered the OPs question and stated that he does not appreciate people making random accounts. All in 6 plain easy to understand words.

While he answered the question you are just bitching about his posting style.

Which is more of a waste of bandwidth?

sweet. :sunglasses:

That is awesome.

Hahahaha that’s so cool.

He was being an arsehole about it and this isn’t the first time. And my post wasn’t as you say ‘a waste of bandwidth’ because I asked a question.

And why is it a random account, for all you know he’s a first timer to the account.

actually, i have sources that may say that hes not a first timer. LOL! He may just be someone in this thread other than that account :roll_eyes: ooo… guess who it is?

p.s. didnt mean to cause an uproar

Hahaha, who cares man, I know I don’t. And I like uproars.

lol, well, it was a hoot to create. I also own the chuck norris account, and the suggestive name ‘penis’

Careful there youngin.

Stuff like that is what gets you on people’s ignore lists, and eventually banned.

yeah i know, im not trying to do anything offensive or like spam worthy. I love this community, im very happy to be a part of it. A lot of the people are amazing to talk to

Am I one of those amazing people?