tonights ride

As a money saving device, I have found the unicycle to be wonderful. Instead of going out tonight and spending $100+ on beer, I went unicycling for free (nearly).

I learnt a few things tonight. I tried a jump mount as my very first mount for the day. Actually made it, and rode away. Also taught myself to walk along and jump on board without stopping. I think thats a rolling jump mount but Im not too sure. I learnt to ride with my stomach on the seat, and riding seat out in front from that. Still cant get the seat back in though!!!

I also learnt that the cheap plastic pedals that come on 20" united unicycles cant deal with dropoffs bigger than 2 feet, especially if your foot isnt entirely on the pedal. riding home with a bent pedal spindle feels very wrong! At least I didnt come home with a broken hub like I did last time I tried that dropoff :frowning:

I think Im up to starting level 4 excercises. Bit daunting, cant do any on them yet, but I learnt to do all the other skills from reading what you guys wrote, so I guess I’ll keep it going. Thanks for your help peoples!



Seat in back:

Determine your dominant and weak hands. While riding forward, grasp the front of the seat with your weak hand. Stand up quickly on the pedals and shove the seat back through your legs and grasp the seat somewhere about the middle with your dominant hand and pull it the rest of the way out. Bend your knees slightly and push the front of the seat up against your butt (bumm?) firmly. Perform these motions quickly. You are now riding seat in back. Do the reverse operation quickly also. Practice pulling the seat further away from your body.

Shouldn’t you be riding a kangaroo unicycle?

I find myself in the same position as you. Once the hand heals I’ll go back to attempting seat in back riding, also need to work on my idling.

never mind the kangaroo uni, I have a real live kangaroo I ride to work everyday :wink: