Tommy: Show us your flames, Pimp-Dady-O!

We covet; now put up… er … out. Pictures, please. Oh, ya: and what’s the word from the NJ thang?


Am I alone in wondering what any of this means? :thinking:


This should help

Strange how the Universe works out. I jumped in the forum for the first time in several days to post pics of my new ride to find Christopher’s post.

Here is the Firebomb-diggity.

The NJ Thang was pretty cool. There was some amazing display of riding. I’ll write more in another post.


That is DA BOMB! My naked frame cowers in shame! What greater hommage to the Fireball could be made? One Phat Ride. My only hope is to slowly befriend the guard dogs circling Tommy’s Uni Vault until they view me as one of their own…

Nice dogy. grrrrrr


Wow, them flames are really HOT!! (buduh bump)…

So who painted it? Is this a custom paint job through or somewhere else?

The Firebomb was painted for me by Mary at Kool Bikes of Central, South Carolina. I found her through a web search of custom bike painters. She was awesome to work with. We discussed and discussed what the finshed product would look like. She is the one that suggested that we leave the upper part of the fork straight black without the busy art work so that it will be easier to touch-up. Where the art is hardly every gets bruised.
Rody warned me and it is true that I love my new ride so much that I’m not trying too diffucult of things on this ride. Last night at our club practice I pulled out my chrome Yuni to push the envelope. It will be easier to ride the Firebomb when I get a few bruises on it. But for now it is my “Saturday Go To Temple” ride.


Awww, heck- Tommy, we’re pritty tight: you can just come out and say it. It wouldn’t really be much of an imposition anyway- I think I can find some time to break it in for ya. Show the Bomb a little TLC. It just needs to be persision dropped on few dozen flights of stairs, is all. I have a theory I’v been meening to put to the test, anyway: It is my posit that Lewis can caber toss a custom Wilder just as far as a Hunter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whoa! Now that’s a scary thought! He threw his custom built Hunter clear out of the Stanky Creek bed! It musta been 30 meters. This needs to be added to the list of competitions at the Nationals. However, I would rather not use the Firebomb for the uni-toss event.

In the morning I’m gonna launch down the front steps to the Memphis College of Art. What is it, 32 steps? That is the most that I’ve ever attempted. The learning curve is going in my favor these days as I still hope not to scratch the Firebomb.


they once had “The Huffy Toss” at early MTBike races.In this case i would suggest “The Savage Toss”

My money is on Lewis no matter the name brand!