Tom Blake/Government/Rim Trail - Snowmass, Co.

Spectacular single track MUni in the Snowmass area, just outside Aspen. MUni in the Colorado Mtn’s is getting incredible this time of year, as every week more and more terrain is opening up due to snow melting. The rivers are up also, so we rafted white water on Sunday and single tracked MUni on Monday. 4 hours of mostly single track, intense climbs, exhiliarting descents, world class scenery, and tons of wildlife. The wildflowers are starting to shine brightly, although they took a few days to recover after last weeks snowstorm. Riding singletrack with deep bear, deer, and elk tracks was exciting; eagles, hawks, and great blue heron soaring above made it hard to keep eyes on the narrow track. Thousands of feet of climbing, almost 20 miles of singletrack MUni, (forgot my GPS) but have done this loop before, on a picture perfect day in the Colorado High Country made for a unforgettable ride. Really looking forward to getting lot’s of Colorado MUni this summer, riding uni at high elevation is super dooper cool. Peace. Cheers.

looking towards Continental Divide, and Aspen Mtn. You can see the Gondola if you look hard enough. Independence Pass crosses the Divide at high point in background.

oh, man… i need to get up there sometime! that’s incredible! it’s so beatiful there! you’re so lucky to get to ride there all the time!!

Sorry, Mike, but you’re under arrest for using up too much of the world’s beautiful views, and generally having too much fun.

Awesome Pics!

Mike, that sounds like an awesome day! I’d love to join you for a ride or two this summer!