Tokyo to Osaka Uni adventure

Hi everyone, I have recently got it in my head to ride an ungeared 24 from Tokyo to Osaka so I can combine my love unicycling and travelling in Japan.

Thing is though, this could take a long time. Its about 550km between the two cities and its pretty much unbroken dense metropolitan area the whole way (amazing!). So can anyone with experience in unicycling in cities give me an idea of how much distance I can expect to make in an hour or a day? Also an idea about what kind of challenges I might expect on such a trip. Arigatou~

When I only had a 24"/150mm setup, I used to ride 55km regularly in about 5.5 hours. My longest was an even 100km. The biggest issue was the saddle soreness. Get shorter cranks and a good pair of shorts and you could ride 60-80km a day without too many hassles.

Do a google search. In the '80s, there was some guy that rode across the US on a 24"…or something like that.