todays the day!!!!

in about any hour and a half i will have my sixsixones i cant wait!!!

Man, I thought people would get excited about a really nice, expensive uni, but 661s? Meh, who cares, good for you.

oh yeah, and your one to talk with all pointless posts like " GOLLY GEE GUYS, GUESS I WHAT I BUYING" and “I CLICKED 3-DAY SHIPPING CAUSE I JUST CANT WAIT!!” and “MY RED TIRE IS HERE!”

HAHA soo true soo true, aswell as the pranks he bought.

It’s been over 5 hours now. Ya got 'em yet or what?

i got them i was with my dad, they are so great!!!
dude, i have so much confidence like before i wouldn’t ever have even tried to jump on of off a curb (new to jumping) but like now i like dont even worry i just jump up to it and it makes everything a breeze, cant even feel the peddle bites!!!
but they make riding the edge of curbs like 3 inches nearly impossible, because you can only see like half an inch of the curb, but it makes riding so much more fun!!! everyone should get some!!! there the 4x4’s and they rock!!!
i love them!!!

edit: i just remembered, im going to the skatepark monday, so any tips about skatepark riding would be appreciated, exspeccialy dropping in and grinding, like where on the clock positions should my pedal be for grinding?
even though grinding is to much for my little cx, so please help me!!
thanks to anyone who replys

Well about the grinding you should have the pedals and cranks where they feel most comfortable (usualy the same spot as when you hop) and as for the side to grind on well u will have to figure that one out. it will be the side that your sorta dominant foot is on to find this out try pedal and crank grabing on each side and the side which is most comfortable is the one to grind on. oh and if you can remove the pins in your pedals so u can slide better and grind on waxed surfaces.

start small and work up to bigger and steeper grinds and um oh read the tutorials on well thats about it.