Today's ride #3


Siiick dude!
Hick overflip, and mamoth blow my mind!
Really sick dude!:slight_smile:

Nice man!!! I liked the hick overflip and Will-Riley-style 7spin. Can’t wait for a full video from you! :smiley:

Sick stuff man! :smiley: Mammoth was so clean! Really made me happy :smiley:

Looking forward to ride with you tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :smiley:

Thanks. You might have to wait a while… I’m starting school tomorrow. Mabye i will make a vide with unused footage!?!

Mammoth wasn’t clean… don’t you mean 720(hands on head)??
Does training start tomorrow??

Hmm just rewatched and ueah mammoth wasn’t really clean :stuck_out_tongue: And a trick to hands on head is hard to land succesfully sketchy :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! The hickoverflip was really clean!