To idle infinity & beyond

Yeha. wahoo!
After practicing my idling for about 3 weeks and only managing 2 and being able to ride (rather than fall) off, on Saturday I managed 3, then today I managed 9!!! I think I’ve got it. Hurrah!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Next to straight forward riding, I found idling the biggest kick to master. Congratulations.

nice job!! idling takes a lot of practice, but once you get it down, you can pretty much do it in your sleep…and it’s a very useful skill too.

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Wow, Cathy, I’ve never idled more than a few minutes at a time… 9 weeks is awesome! :wink:

Anyhow, congratulations!

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The idea is that I juggle while idling. I think that will take a bit longer.


Hi Cathy,

With one eye on the level skills, I’ve managed 25 idles (once) with left foot down (level 5!!!) but can’t manage one with right foot down!

I quite like practising idling as it’s not so high impact a skill to learn as many others (it always seems less likely that I’ll fall off in a spectacular and bone-shattering manner…)

And, just to add (off thread) to your 29er thread - I’ve got a Schwalbe Big Apple tyre and it rolls really well, but I have had some problems on different roads (this could be the crown issue, but I’m not proficient enough to say). I tend to run my tyres all at near maximum pressure, so maybe I should let some air out?!

Looking forward to reading your next 29er installment!

I’ve been working on idling for about 1 and a half weeks or so and all i can do is:
idle 5 times with left foot down
idle 3 times with right foot down

The weird thing is that i can 1 foot idle with left foot down 7 or 8 times and I have spent more time working on regular idling then 1 foot idling. Can anyone else do 1 foot idling better then regular idling?

Idling is really something, to get way more balance, to learn to get out of most situations without UPDs :slight_smile:

Keep on practicing :slight_smile:

I can probably idle longer one footed than two footed…but it’s not exactly easier. just uses less muscles, I think…

i agree with mister potter, one foot down is easier cuz it uses less muscle, and good job learning how to do it. u should try and get one footed idling down

Idling, and riding backwards, especially sharp turns, and spins. All three of these have caused me to amaze myself at my ability to not fall off sometimes :smiley:

I’m just now working on idling and juggling three balls at the same time. I’m not too great at juggling, but I can usually get a few throws in. I figure by the time I get my idling to a point where I’m stable enough to catch and throw a ball reliably, I’ll be able to juggle three of them!

Right now, I can idle and one footed idle pretty much as long as I want, but it’s not terribly controlled. A guy at the local juggling club suggested crossing my arms across my chest, one hand on each collarbone (egyptian pharaoh style!) while I idle. This basically prevents me from using my arms and forces me to idle using only my hips. When you’re juggling, this is very important as you can’t be waving your arms every which way for balance because you have to be catching balls and throwing them!

All that said, congratulations! I started learning to idle so I wouldn’t have to get off at traffic lights. It’s definitely been one of the most useful skills so far. Good luck with the juggling!

I can idle just about indefinately, but 1 footed is definitely easier, because I only have to concentrate on one foot.

One footed is easier than 2

Wow, this is news to me, and encouraging at that.

I can idle two footed 'til the cows come home, either foot down. One footed eludes me. Any tips on how to get going on that/?


I learned to one footed ride before I learned to one footed idle. The big trick to one footed idling is getting your non-power foot onto the frame successfully without intersecting teh wheel, which causes pretty quick falls.

One footed idling is even lazier than two-footed idling, and it requires slightly smaller idles. Once you can get your foot up onto the crown and out of the way of the tire reliably, you’re well on your way. You’ll probably fall off the first few dozen times, but after a while you’ll start to get the balance. Don’t give up!

Yeah with my foot on the frame good I can usually idle with the wheel moving 20 degrees or less each way.

Ya i learned to ride one footed too before i tried one foot idling. I think i am better at 1 foot idling then regular idling because its easier to rock back and forth with getting your foot in the way. At least for me it is. My above post said i idled 5 times with left down, but i was practicing outside and i can do 7!

I forgot to congratulate you, Cathy.

Nice work! Idling is a challenging skill that will get you absolutely nowhere. :wink:

Your posts indicate such quick progress. It must be exciting for you.

Thanks all you other folks for your one footed idle suggestions. I’ll give 'em a go.

Am I supposed to be getting somewhere?



The best ive done with idling is about 5 times while falling sideways and about the tiniest fraction of a rev. Not nearly an idle. I have done gone foward, backwards for about 4 revs adn then foward again.