To Cottonwood Park - Sandy, UT

First time trying out my new 125mm cranks on my 24inch muni for any extended distance. Approximately four miles from my house is a small little thing named Cottonwood Park. It encapsulates an outdoors swimming pool, a children’s play ground, and, most relevantly, a circular dirt track that is open to a cow farm on one side and shaded by a dense forest on the other. This time, I rode toward the park with the intention of cruising around the track a few times, but my unicycle’s tire was assaulted by over 20 tackweed nutlets no more than three minutes into the serious riding. Fortunately, they did not puncture my 3 inch muni tire. So I decided to just show you guys my relaxing ride en route. Enjoy!

Great video. Good to see another Utah rider.

Thanks! Appreciate it! Do you muni? If so, any recommendations for good dirt trails?

We are getting quite the community along the Wasatch front on here. Nice!

Never heard it called Tackweed before - always Goatheads. My neighbor is growing a farm of them in their parking strip. Good to hear they’re no match fo a uni tire.

Re: Good trails.

I’d definitely recommend Pipeline up in Millcreek canyon. I posed a couple pics the other day in teh “pics of your latest ride” thread. It’s pretty flat and varies between good, buffed tread, gravel, and short rocky stretches. It’s nice to give you some challenging sections interspersed with easier, recovery parts.

A short, but good practice area is the trails/road up at the top of I street on the N end of town. Doubletrack to get you started, and then some small side trails that have cobbles, narrow singletrack and short hills to practice on.

Similarly, the shoreline trail between the U and Red Butte is pretty mellow. I haven’t ridden that on the Uni yet, but have biked it many times. Same goes for most of the part from Red Butte to just above the zoo.

If you’re a beginner on dirt and want someone to flail with, drop me a PM. I’ve only been riding a couple months, and would love to ride with someone else.

Oh, and if you want super mellow gravel paths, there’s always Wheeler Farm. But, wow, look out for the goatheads there! Your tire better be thick.