To buy or build?

I was debating whether to buy or build my next uni. slowly accumulating parts over time (albeit a bit more expensive) ensures that I have the ride I want. I would like a 26" for Muni and X/C. I have been looking at the nimbus 26" from uniproshop; I believe they can put all the right parts (brake, two-hole cranks, big meaty tire) on it at the shop, And I am debating whether to save up and buy a new Uni or slowly accumulate one.

I would say: Phone or mail them, tell them what you want, let them make a price and then safe up for it.

I’d say go with this option too.

I’ve recently had a uni priced up with UDC-UK, the 26" Nimbus actually, with some parts swapped about. I’ll be ordering up when I’ve got the money together.