To all good editors + sneak peek (edit for derek schmitt)

This was about as seamless as I could get it, does anybody know how to get it cleaner? possibly manually clean it up frame by frame?
using adobe premiere pro CS5

Since I currently have far too much time on my hands due to a broken foot, i’m editing a video for derek schmitt, and it’s going to be sick :wink:

Let me know what you think,

I like! You’ve got awesome editing skills, -or too much time on your hands:p Be careful on them drops!

Do you wanna come and film+edit me riding:D



On the rail, the right Derek disappears before the left one…

Other than that, it is pretty awesome.

If you need any help with special effects, such as explosions :astonished: , lasers (not sure what you would need this kind of stuff for in a unicycling video, but you never know), or cloning, like you are already doing, let me know…:smiley:

Awesome editing Alister! Especially the effect where you mirrored Derek riding the rail… Hope yr foot is better in the next week…

Watch the left tire, right before they merge it cuts in half. Too bad it’s so underexposed =/

Cool though

haha thanks! will do in future :wink:
:stuck_out_tongue: naaah, soon i’ll be up and riding again! which means filming and editing myself :smiley:

ooh thanks, i’ll fix that!
haha, explosions and lasers would be cool… but not what im after :stuck_out_tongue: may take you up on that in the future though! :smiley:

ahh, fixable, i just didnt notice it :slight_smile:
underexposed? yeah, it was filmed in pretty low light, never mind! :smiley:

Perhaps we should make a James Bond spoof on unis.:wink:

Sorry for the off-topic post, but have you seen this?

finally! derek’s awesome riding will be matched with some awesome editing :smiley:

i always forget about this video,it’s so awesome

i know how to do stuff like that however getting it clean and perfect is always very difficult and its not one of my strengths. its looking pretty good tho. nice work (just fix that cut tyre and ur all good i reckon)

But it doesn’t need to be perfect and clean unless you’re getting paid or if you REALLY think someone will notice it. If the viewer can’t tell, or better yet, if you can’t tell even when you know where the mistakes are, then it’s probably fine.

with that attitude, you will never get noticed or paid for ur work. u need to try ur best every time if u do want to make a career out of editing, its how u improve. besides, the kid has a broken foot and has lots of time on his hands. but most of all, he posted this to ask for help on making it perfect.

Incorrect, if you are getting paid for your work, you should make it perfect of course, because that is a representation of you, and will lead to more work in the future, you want no mistakes. However, in my work, I have realized that I will obsess over things that no-one, not even my peers of equal abilities will ever notice. There is no sense in wasting precious time that you could be making money, over things that not a single person will ever notice.

time, quality, quantity. Sometimes these things mesh together well, sometimes they do not. It is not always in your control.

If you have a broken limb, and nothing to do, make it friggin perfect, if you have other things to do, make perfect to the human eye.

However, you should also note that after long hours of editing, your eyes can deceive you, and you can be blind to the obvious. So having someone to give you second opinions is always a good idea. And it doesn’t matter who the person is.

thanks a lot for all the good feedback, it does look a lot cleaner in the small youtube window than it does in fullscreen when it’s been rendered!
I’m inclined to agree with isaac, even if getting it perfect won’t do anything, it’d make me feel a lot better about it and then i’ll know for the future that I can do it properly if the need arises!
only two more days in cast anyway :smiley:

Also if you need the practice then work on getting it perfect, this will help with your workflow.