whats is the fattest(sp) 20" tire made and what rim does it fit. also if there is one bigger then a maxxis creppy crawler where can I buy it at

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First off the Maxxis CC is not a 20" tire. It will only fit a 19" rim. And if huge tire is what you want just get this.

There arent alot of fat 20" tires out there that are bigger than 20x2.25 at the mostyou could try a Maxxis Max Daddy just check and look in BMX tire.

that would be the moster 20" unicycle with 4 1/4" tyre. heres more

i know that it is a 19" tire I just put down 20". that is a huge tireand wouldn’t the rim bend. What I meant was something like a 20" or 19" x 2.70" or something like that. by the way I probably want hardly ever use my old acount

Aso does a bigger tire help skinniesor not because i think it would but i could be wrong.

this thread is confusing to read and I made it so I know it has to be bad for everyone else. i am going to have to start taking more time in typeing stuff then reading it when I’m done.

Theres a Monty 19x2.7 on that…But it would probably work best on a try-all rim which is wider than the Alex or KH rim. Shipping would be alot from the UK though

i think the bigest 20 inch tire is the onza sticky finger but the bigest 19 inch tire is the monty 2.7 inch rear trials tire

The Twenty G

You don’t want one of those big “chopper” fat tires. Those are pretty useless.

For a trials rim, try the Monty 2.7 and tell us about it, I don’t think anyone’s used it on a unicycle yet and said how it was. A wider tire “would” be better for skinnys, but 2.5 (Maxxis CC) is plenty wide enough. Why bother trying to get a wider tire when you don’t even know how the tire performs? Unless you have the money, then go for it. Otherwise I say a regular trials tire works fine.

How so? The dyno fireball is a “chopper” tire, and i belive Kris holm rode one for a while.

Okay, well I meant the 4" tire mentioned above. Just because a tire is wider doesn’t mean it’s better.

its not 4", its not even 3", its about the same as a trials tire, just slick. It would be good for street.

I know tires are never really the measurment they say they are.

Have you ever actually ridden this tire? It would probably suck for just about anything. Even so, just because it says 4" on the side doesn’t mean it would be a good trials tire, which is what I originally intended to say.

thats not the tire im talking about. The twenty g will fit any 20" bmx rim. Its around 3.0" and pretty slick. Xavier rides a slick tire, spencer tryed a shaved luna on his trials and i think he liked it too.

You can get the Schwalbe Big Apple tire in a 20x2.35" size. I think it’s about $30 from their website. i can’t justify buying more stuff right now, but it looks like it could be a real nice tire for a true 20" rim.


haha that unicycle would be a beast for beach riding :slight_smile:

Whom makes the Twenty G and where can i find one?