tire w/ the most spring?? and new trick possibility

what is the tire w/ the best spring/bounce (I have to buy a new one might as well get the best)

and i think I invented a new trick the other day, i was playing around w/ a crankstall and i figured out that you can have your foot on the pedal and the other on the seat, switch reallly quickly and jump down ( I did a full 360 the first time)

has anyone ever done it??

you got a video ?
cant understand the trick

no, but i’ll try to explain it again … i need to do it in a better place when i video it … there was a light pole in my way last time

ok, here we go
there is a trick (forgot the name because its weird) that you do in a crankstall
you do a 180 while the unicycle stays stationary in a crankstalll and land back on the pedal that is sitting on the ledge

i did that trick, but w/ no hands - my foot was on the seat holding it in place

ohhh and i do pedal flips while in crankstalls (its actually sorta hard)

I think that most tricks people come up with while doing a crankstall look pretty bad. Unless its really quick and flowy like Dan’s seat whip grab then its just cheesy. There isn’t much balance involved so you are basically just standing on a pedal and moving things around.

With that said, I’m not saying your trick is stupid (I can’t really picture it). Film it, it might look cool.


i agree, but this one actually takes balance because you jump off the unicycle do a 180 in the air and catch the seat w/ your other foot and land your foot back on the pedal @ the same time

something is loose on my unicycle and apparently i put the wheelset on backwards so i need to go dissassemble and reassemble everything b4 i go riding tomorrow :angry:

whats the applause for??
did I do something amazing (i think not):slight_smile:

all you have to do is loosen 4 nuts/bolts flip the wheel set and tighten 4 nuts/bolts ond its done, why is that so hard?

and people, quit posting stuff about new tricks! we would have hundreds and hundreds of pages of “i invented a new trick” if every trick invented got a thread started, street riders invent new tricks constantly, so quit saying you invented a new trick

Hmm, I find the Maxxis CC has a lot of bounce to it.

But seeing how your rim wouldnt support that trials tire, I am not sure to what you should get. I have a standard 2.125 tire on my freestyle, and can get a good compress in it, I do fold over a lot, and the PSI is about 45ish, wich is almost max for that tire.

I think Maxxis makes a 2.2 tire, you can probably fit that and try it out, or just test out tires at your LBS.

The tire with the most bounce will more than likely be a trials tire(20x2.5-2.7). But for you maybe try a 2.2" tire because thats all that will fit on your rim and in your frame.

About your trick im not really getting it either. And listen to Unijesse, dont just post what your new trick is and try to explain it. If you dont have a video of your new trick then dont post about it because few to no people will understand it if they cant see it.

check out the maxxis holy roller, i really liked it. and it seemed like i could bounce to the moon.

lol thats why i posted it with the tire w/ the most bounce question

and its not just 4 nuts and bolts… its 8 and i like to make sure that everything is back together perfect so i don’t have to work on it as often :slight_smile:

oohhh oooh i have an idea … lets make a thread where you can post new trick videos and name them
how does that sound??

I agree, I have the Maxxis Holy Roller and its great. It may just be that I have never had a trials tire before until now though.

ok, i have a new problem w/ the tire idea

which ones fit on a 20"rim??

im not up for buying a new one right now

the holy roller will fit a 20" rim. if your LBS knows whats up they probably carry them

holy roller