Tire tread.

from your experience which would generally be more suitable for muni, the tread on a rear mountain bike tire or the front tire tread. I realize the back would be better for power but the front would retain more control?

Not sure, most people use downhill tyres which i think are the same front/rear, like the Duro and Gazzalodi. What size tyre are you thinking of, and for what style of riding exactly? What rim are you using and what frame (for clearance issues)? Sorry to ask so many Qs but it will give me a better idea of what to suggest.

I have a Torker LX 24" and ive been doing some small distance riding and light offroad riding and I’m just not getting enough traction with the stock tire once I leave the pavement. I’ve got a mountain bike in my backyard which I dont I dont use that in the front has a 24x2.0 tire on the front and in the back it has got a 24x2.1 which seems a bit more knobby. Ill go take a picture of both tires.

Are you sure those are 24" tires on the mountain bike, not 26"?

In any case, bigger is usually better; go for the 2.1 if it fits.

I am indeed positive they are both 24" tires. The front appears to be a Kenda tire whereas the back is some type of duro. The only reservation I have about the rear tire is that Im speculating it was ridden with a flat tire as the side wall seems rather soft.

Front Tire:

Rear Tire:

Ah i see, i’d go with the rear, to be honest there will probably be very little difference but genreally bigger is better, but if that one is damaged have no qualms about using the front instead, the performance will be much the same.

Wider is better - more contact with the groud means more friction. I’d go with the back tire, too… but nothing bigger; the tire would fold over on your rim.

When you’re going off road, a lower tire pressure helps, too… deflate so the tire squishes a little, but doesn’t bottom out on the rim. This gives you even more contact with the ground, and lets you roll over roots/rocks/etc easier and take drops a little better. With a hard tire, you’d just bounce off.


So I put on the back tire, it most definitly makes riding offroad much easier and more enjoyable although I feel as though my road ride has slowed down and I have less control due to the almost flat shape of the tire. Will I get used to the shape of the tire and lack of control? I’m not so sure its entirely worth it right now.

Here she is with the new tire and metal pinned pedals. Nothing special but im proud of it. It still has plenty of tire clearance. I think all I need now is the 28" sun for road riding.

Looks good!

What size is on that tire, anyway?

Thanks! and by the way it is a 24x2.1 kenda tire.

I’m having trouble making sharp right hand turns without falling off. Could this be a result of one of the bearing brackets being tightened more than the other or do I just need to adjust to the tire? Would releasing some air pressure make the tire easier to tame on pavement?

shouldn’t be a bearing holder problem, as , if you think about it, it doesn’t mean anything to turning.

Maybe the tire’s messed up, maybe you just need to get used to it. I’d probably guess the latter. Sometimes when you change stuff like that it takes some getting used to.

Now that I think about it, I think Ive always been a little iffy with right hand turns, this has just really brought it out much more. Has anyone got some exercises or things to help me out with my inability?

doing more right turns:D

That tire looks just like the 2.1 smoke tire I had on my 24" uni.
I think it’s a better offroad tire than the front one.

I’m wondering if the front tire would be a better happy-medium as my road riding is a bit more common than my offroad. I love the traction it provides but Id be willing to sacrifice some to regain a degree of control.

A fat, knobby tire will always be more difficult to control than a slick tire or the stock Torker tire. Some tread patterns are worse than others; sometimes you can improve your ride by mounting the tire “backwards.”

But really what you need is another unicycle. The best you can do with a single unicycle is to either make it very good at one thing, or fairly weak at a number of things. Your 2.1" Torker is the latter.

Thank you for your suggestions tholub, I had posted a few days ago about mounting the tire backwards and no one had seemed to know what I was talking about, I was wondering if it helped with control as I had heard of doing it before. Right now at the top of my uni list is the sun 28" for road riding, it seems to be a decent uni for the money and would work okay for what I need it to do.

Hello, I’m going to buy a Kenda Kinetics 26x2.6" to go a bit lighter with my Nimbus II 26 isis muni.

I’ve found them sold on ebay, but… should I get the rear or the front one?