Tire slips off rim *HELP NEEDED*

Ok first off I searched. And nothing happened.
So heres the deal. My maxis CC keeps slipping off the rim of my unicycle. This only just started happening but its happened three times this week. The inner tube stays inflated but the tire slowly peels off the rim, I am not doing big trails the last time it happened was on a unispin. And yes i made sure the tire was put on the rim properly (i squeezed the tire onto the rim half way through inflating the tube.) So yeah is there any easy fix to this? I hope i explained it well enough. Thanks.

you are having the tire come off the rim
and you are riding a CC?

what are you doing?
cause thats messed up and i am guessing that the tire isnt on correctly to begin with
want to post a picture of it before and after?

Well im having kinda the same problem…its when i hop up hills and rocks…it feels like the tyre is slipping right out but has never come off because i stop…

if the tyre stays on the rim
thenit is just folding over
means you need to change your style or put more air in

Theres a link to the photo. It just looks like that. (obviously the tire is deflated in this picture). But yeah it just comes off at a spot and then because the tube is inflated it pushes the whole tire off the rim about 20 seconds later. Its really annoying. I am sorry if i didnt explain it well enought.

the easiest fix that I can think of is glue it on. I think there are glues made especially for this but I don’t know what they are.

Thats a good idea minus the fact that if a get a punchered tube what happens then? I was thinking of gluing it but i don’t know. So this has never happened to anyone?

Tire Coming off Rim

I noticed that you don’t have th KH47mm rim. With wider rims the tire stays on better when doing sidehops and unispins. There is less foldover which can remove the bead from the rim. Put more pressure intothe tire - Inflate it more. Don’t glue it on. Check to see if the rim is bent anywhere and that it does not have any grease or oil spilled on it.


Yeah im dead set sick of tire and rim problems so i might just buy the KH47mm rim. And through out whatever opne is on there. I have been doing 5 foot drops with low tire pressure (which is stupid) so this muight have damaged the rim. Any other suggestions?

Yea this happened to me with my old CC. I’ve got a GP uni with really little tyre clearance on the frame so first I noticed the tyre rubbing on the side of the frame a little bit, then eventually it got so bad it did exactly what yours has done. It’s due (or was in my case at least) to the bead of the tyre (the ridge that goes into the rim and keeps the tyre’s shape) being a bit bent. I’m not too sure how or why this happened, but if you take the tyre off you can bend the bead slightly, but I found this only helped for a short while. I just bought a new tyre to solve the problem because my tyre was almost bald and I needed a new tube anyway. So I’m not sure how fixable this is in the long term.

Hope this is any help

EDIT: I just realised you have the GP frame too. I just saw the moment hub and assumed it was a KH. Do you notice the tyre rubbing on the frame at all?

Funny you should mention that. About a week ago i filed the arch way bit down a heap because it kept rubbing whenever the wheel alignment got even a milimeter out. I am unsure should i buy a new KH Rim? Then I will only need the frame to have a 07 KH uni. Haha OR buy a new CC?? Or is there some quick and easy fix to this problem? I need it fixed in a wekk cause of the brisbane ride!

It could be either the tyre bead or the rim.

Look at where it is coming off the rim, does the tyre bead have a nick or bend in it at that point?

Does the rim have a nick in it, at the bit that holds the tyre bead on?

Is it always coming off at the same place on the rim (stick a sticker / mark the tyre and rim where it does it and then put it back on and ride some more)?

It could also be the way you’re putting the tyre on. You can check once you’ve put on a tyre that it is on okay by looking round at the little line that goes all round the tyre above the bead, and checking that it is at the same level compared to the rim all the way round the tyre. Particularly with trials and other wide tyres, it’s easy to have a bit of the bead not hook on.

It also could be the tyre pressure. If you’re running very very low pressure, that can make tyres fall off. If you’ve been doing drops and hitting the rim, that’s a sign your pressure is too low.

In an emergency gluing is an option, I know of people who’ve used superglue for this, but it won’t hold for long. Best just make sure the bead is seated and then pump it up slightly harder than you usually do.


It is possible to break the wire bead in the tire or at least stretch it. You can break the bead if you use metal tire levers and are really aggressive in how you take the tire on and off. Some trials tires can be really tight on some rims so it is tempting to get really forceful in leveraging the tire into or off the rim.

The bonding in the tire can also come undone and cause the tire to stretch out to be larger than it should be. If that happens with a new tire it is a tire defect. If that happens with an old tire just consider yourself to have used the tire up for its useful life and replace it.

The tire has most likely been removed while the bead was still seated properly the rest of the way around the rim.

We had a car tire do this in my Auto class.

I also recall reading someone on the forum having this happen in cold weather… most likely due to the rim shrinking slightly, and the tire staying the same size.

If the rim looks ok

It looks like the only real fix is a new tire. I agree with ^ that it sounds like the wire hoop inside the tire, that should hook the rim, has become enlarged somehow.

Glue will make a mess, and is unlikely to help.

flip/spin the tire on the rim, i had to do it a few times when i rode the nimbus rim. also, i liked to glue my tire on. i don’t have a problem with the tire on my KH, but the rim … can’t say the same.
i use a motorcycle tube for my unicycle, i always pop a normal tube the day i get it.

the only way i have popped a motorcycle tube is cathching the last step on a 12 stair w/ low pressure. it actually flatspotted the rim a little too. even then the tube had a slow leak that took about a day to go completely flat.

the tube size you will need is a 15x2.5-2.75

glue… i want to suggest a (VERY) small silicon bead … air up tire, wait till it dries… have at it.

Silicone, Silicon is the material that microchips are made from.