Tire size tolerance of a 24" rim

What is the thickest size tire that a person can get away with puting on a 24" X 1.75" rim? I was thinking that I could get away with a 24" X 2.1" tire, But I am not sure this is the case.

I have put a 24 x 2.125 Kenda on one with no trouble … other than it was too wide for the Torker frame.

My Cannondale came with a 2.1" tires. I’m pretty sure the rim is 1.5". I recently mounted 1.5" road tires. I think I’ll try to off-road on my Muni when it comes in.

Thanks for the input. I am attempting to modify my 24" Semcycle XL for light off-road riding. I am afraid that this might lead to a higher expenditure of cash. :astonished:

For $42 you can order a Nimbus II (Yuni) frame from unicycle.com
That frame will accomodate a 3" wide tire.