tire pressure

today i finnaly found out how much tire pressure does to how you jump. my friend had his tire almost full and i have mine just a bit less. he tried to jump up a bench using the spring tire thing, but could not. then i tried i made it first try :smiley: . i found out how much spring your tire acctualy gives you. he has now also lowered his to about the same as mine and can do it easily to :slight_smile: . so i consider not having your tire at full pressure (espesial for trials :slight_smile: )
it helps so much.

I like the feeling of rolling on a slightly squishy tire… provides a bit of cushion for me as well as making the entire unicycle much more easy to control and steer more predictably, it’s far too squirrely at max pressure, don’t like it at all. Makes riding feel 5x harder.

If you have a 20x2.5" tire, then about 20 psi is good. Anywhere from 15-25 works for trials tires, though.

Yeah I run my Trials (20x2.5) tire at about 23psi

Yah its way easier, lots of spring and better to ride in snow…the only thing i don’t like it tiretwist, and bottoming out lol…