Tire Pressure?

OK, well i just got a new tire and it says the lowest amount of pressure is 35 and maximum of 65 pounds (250-450 psi) and i put 35 pounds in but it might be to stiff, i was wandering what you guys have, also better hard or stiff for jumping around?


It’s a preference, if you have a hard tire it will be harder to compress it but you will jump higher. If you have a low pressure tire, it will be easyer to compress it but you wont jump super high. I hope it helps.

The thinner your tyre, the more likely it will be for it to bottom out while jumping around with a low psi.

My tire pressure is 2 bar :stuck_out_tongue: and I weight about 60kg…
you need to chearch your own tyre pressure… you can’t jump 110cm with only 1bar… but if you aren’t a prof and you just can jump like 50cm or so… 1bar can be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:
just try some pressures and you will see what pressure is the best.( do gaps+sidehops…) :roll_eyes:

just put it to a high pressure, get on, and try to compress the tire (push down), if you cant, take a little air out, repeat. Eventually you’ll find a pressure that works best for you

Just out of curiosity, (maybe im a noob) but what do you mean by bar

Also i tried lowering the pressure to about 25 pounds and it bounces great but now seems harder to move, though personally like it better at 25 pounds than 35:)

Bar is the unit that is used to measure the amount of pressure under water I think.

1 bar is about 14.5 psi. I’m not sure how it relates, but there used to be a unit of pressure called an atmosphere that was also about 14.5 psi, and for some reason the bar is what is used anymore.

So, 2 bar’s is about 29 psi.