Tire popout

I just came back from riding, and boy did it suck. I’ve had this happen about twice before, and I was wondering if there was anything that could be responsible for it: My tube pushed my tire out, it also happens at odd times, when I’m just riding. I was going from one trial line to another (about 1km apart), and halfway there I almost fell smack on my face because the tire had hit my frame. My rim is slightly (Really minor) bent, but I’m not sure if that’s to blame. I’m running a Creepy Crawler tire and a Continental tube. The last Continental tube I had had two spots where the tube seemed slighty constricted, resulting in a small bulge in between the two constricted areas. I changed this tube because I thought it might have contributed to the pushing out, but it happened again. I havn’t checked for constricted areas on this one yet, but I will.


Never happened to me…
You should take care that the tube is inside of the tire. It often happens that the tube isn’t, so that there’s tension between tire and tube. Like somewhere the tire pinches the tube. After a while the tube will push out the tire.
Maybe it’s an explanation, maybe not :wink:

grusz, jabbath

I always make sure my tube is inside my tire, by both visual inspection, and compressing the tire all the way around before inflating it.

I’m not sure if this is why or not but if you have your tire pressure high before you go ride and the sun heats the air up and expands it, that could possibly cause it to pop out.

Sounds like a bad rim/tire combination. Since your rim is set, you might try a different tire type.

How high pressure are you running it at?
If low (under ~1.5 bar), try a higher pressure…

It’s not good to buy a new tyre when you don’t have to! :slight_smile:

What are the temperatures like where you are? I know the Maxxis CC tends to behave poorly in colder climates.

Maybe the bead is stretched, causing it to pop out easily.

I’m in the Netherlands, and it IS a bit chilly out now (around 0 degrees C). I might consider changing to another tire, but I still have one Creepy Crawler lying around, so I think I’ll go change the tube first, and check how bad the little bend in the rim is. The uni came with a Creepy Crawler tire by the way, so the rim/tire combination should be OK.

I’m not entirely sure about my pressure, I think I’ll go check that out.

It happend once with my onza 24 muni.
I think that time my tire pressure was to low.

Check the end of this thread:

Looks like the CC just performs horribly in chilly weather.

In the movie Universe 2 his tire pops out in two huge bulges its great.

“I’m in the Netherlands, and it IS a bit chilly out now (around 0 degrees C)”

Chilly weather would be more like -0F…
I have ridden my creepy crawler in -10C serveal times, and i have never seen any problems at all.

Ok, I think I’ve found my problem. First off, I took a good look at the tire and noticed that it kept coming off at the same place, regardless of where it was on the wheel. Then I disassembled my unicycle and took a good look at the spokes. I noticed some of them were slightly loose, so what I think happened is that the first time the tire came off, the wheel was slightly oval from jumping (remember, the spokes are loose, so the wheel deforms easily), and stretched the bead. Every time after that, the tire just wriggles itself loose because of the stretched bead. I’ve now taken the wheel to a b*ke shop, so they can fix the tension on the spokes, and fix the slight bend in the wheel. Should be done tomorrow. If the problems persist, I’ll buy the new Monty (20" x 2.7"), and a new tube. That should fix it.

yes if your pressure is low its more likely to pop-out because of foldovers and what-not.

Ofcourse, that’s a given, but I think most trial riders keep their pressure quite low, and seeing as it’s such a rare occurence even then, there must be something wrong with my wheel.