Tire grazing fork when fully inflated

I have a Miyata deluxe with a Primo tire which I keep inflated at 85psi.
Normally there is roughly 2mm clearance on each side, between the fork and
the tire. I recently rotated the tire to keep the wear uniform. When I
reinflate to 85 lbs, the tire grazes the frame very slightly on the right.
So I deflated it, made sure everything was in place and reinflated. Still
grazing the fork. I still have another month or two of tread left. The
grazing makes a slight thunking sound which I can feel when I ride.
Annoying, not a show stopper.

Anybody know any tricks to knock some sense into this tire? The wheel
looks to be perfectly true.

Joe Merrill

Have you tried letting some pressure out of the tire? I’v read of simmilar problems caused by pressure in excess of tire rating- despite true rims.


Check to make sure the tire is evenly seated all around the rim. Try
letting the air out of the tire, bouncing it gently on the floor, prying
the tire into the seat of the rim, then re-inflating it.

Good luck,

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA