Tire for road and some sandy trails

I’m getting the nimbus 29 road. It comes with the Schwalbe Big Apple (700c x 2.35) 29" x 2.35". 75% of my riding will be distance/commuting on the road, but:

At the end of my street, there’s about 50 miles of uninterupted trails through the pinelands of NJ. It’s FLAT with virtually no rocks. Most of it dry compacted sand with some soft spots. A few muddy areas, but it drains fast.

Is the big apple a good choice??? Whaddya think?

The Big Apple should do pretty well on these trails especially if you are able to lower the pressure a bit before riding on the trails. I rode one for equal amounts of on and off road for six+ months and only wanted for more grip in loose sand. For roads, fire roads, and hard packed dirt trails the Big Apple is a pretty decent compromise.

The Big Apple should probably be fine.
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get a 36er for distance on the road

lucky you!

+1 lots of good info in the review forum

Yeah, actually for the trails you describe, once you’re used to it, a 36er might btw murr fun there too.

It’s something I’m on the fence about. I’m barely comfortable on my current old crappy 24 as I’m just getting back into it after 20 years off. For example, I just started successfully free mounting this week, but once I’m up, I can ride for miles on the road. Can’t hop or idle for my life… yet. I want a better quality uni to “re-learn” on. So, as a novice, I think that the 29 is the better choice for a year or so, then maybe move up.

Sound logical? yes/no?

Yep, that is a great plan. My guess is that you will find the 29 is all the unicycle you want or need. Maybe some 125 cranks for the street and 150s for the dirt. Enjoy!

You don’t need to hop or idle to ride a unicycle and have a great time. You are going to like the 29er.

Yes, good plan for your situation. I went from 20 to 29, then later got a 36. It took me more than a year to get freemounts really solid on the 36, and it would have been frustrating to go straight to the 36er. You’ll love the 29, and having a different ride to contemplate for the future isn’t such a bad thing.

P.S. Sorry for the horrible typos in prior post, from my phone. :stuck_out_tongue: