Tire for indoor bike park

I have a 26 nimbus muni with a 3 inch duro wildlife tire. I ride this on dirt ,gravel and packed limestone bike paths primarily. In the winter I ride this unicycle at an indoor bike park, where I primarily work on keeping my skills up over winter and stay in riding shape. The floor is concrete and the tracks are wood plank. I’m looking for a 26 x3 tire I can ride at low to medium volume but with out the super aggressive tread, but not a slick. I did just fine with the duro last winter but I don’t want to waste the tread.

There aren’t very many 26x3" mountain bike tires that aren’t the Duro Wildlife. If you would be willing to go a little bit narrower, then there are some good options. I rode Schwalbe Hans Dampf for years. It has medium sized tread and (at least in my opinion) it does everything pretty well. It’s noticeably lighter has less rolling resistance than the Duro. It’s worth a look.

Edit: I notice that Mad4One munis come with choice of Maxxis Minion DHF, Maxxis WetScream, or the Vee T-Fatty. I bet any of those would be good unicycle tires. The Vee T-Fatty is 26x3 and less aggressive tread. It might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Thank you so much, I will look at those options.

You should also check the Surly ET, it’s not a 3" either - pointless for road/track riding - but it’s got plenty cushioning thanks to strong sidewalls. And pumped up it really behaves like a road tire.

Thanks for the link I will check it out. Looks like my local bike shop carries it.