Tire for a Nimbus 20" trials uni?

I recently got a pretty good deal on a Nimbus 20" trials unicycle on which I need to replace the tire. It has a 19" Maxxis Creepy Crawler on it but I am wondering if there is a better option. I am an old guy and won’t be doing many stunts that require serious grip and I know the Maxxis Creepy Crawlers wear quickly. Since about 80% of my riding will be on roads or smooth, fairly level dirt trails, is there a better option that won’t wear so quickly? Also, any suggestions on good places to find these kind of hard to find tires?


I think the creepy crawler might already be the best option, unless you somehow come across an old Luna… All 19" tires are highly specialized for trials bikes (as they are used nowhere else) and not wearing out is really not a big requirement for those.

If you don’t require much grip, you can get a decent lifespan out of trials tires by just riding them until the chords show.

There aren’t a lot of choices in terms of 19" tires, and most if not all of them has the same kind of knobby and grippy design. If you want a smoother tire, the best bet might be swapping the entire wheel with a 20" one. It will fit in your frame and there are quite a few decent tire choices.

I would rebuild the wheel with a 20” rim and spokes to suit using your hub then you’ll have lots of options. With bmx rims you can almost choose how much you want to spend from super cheap to expensive.

I like schwalbe crazy bob on my nimbus equinox.