Tire choice analysis paralysis [Felix shook me free!]

I’m building a dreamy 29" Flansie with carbon rim and all the trimmings. The last purchase is the tire. And it is dogging me.

I know there are several several tire review threads. And I’ve read a good deal of them, the problem that I am finding is that it is hard to get information that directly compares the few tires I am familiar with, and the tires that are currently available on the market.

Maybe someone can help. I’m looking for a tire to suit the following needs:

  • Tubeless.
  • No paved roads.
  • About 60% technical MUni trails and 40% flowy trails. That ratio feels about right for what I ride around here.
  • Hopping ability is a priority.

The rim inner depth is 33 mm, and after much consideration, it seems that 29"x2.60" is probably my best bet.

Tires and experiences I’ve had:

  • Maxxis Hookworm both on a 24" and 27.5". Cool tire, but was better in more elementary learning stages for me in parking lots at this point.
  • Maxxis Minion DHF on a 24" and 27.5". Yeah, it’s my current tire and has been very good to me. If anything, I’d say it’s a hint aggressive. But only the slightest amount. Like, in the sense that maybe I’m looking for an inner tread pattern to have a single additional knob (i.e. instead of 2, 2, maybe 3, 2, or something similar).
  • Duro Crux 3.25. Great tire. Super fat. Not super aggressive. Maybe not aggressive enough.

Tires I’ve almost pulled the trigger on, but for some reason, I’m still on the fence:

  • Maxxis Rekon 29"x2.60". Lots of good here, but at this point I’ve really only used Maxxis brand, and something tells me to venture into other territories maybe? Also, this one almost seems a bit too built for flowy trails. Idk.
  • Schwalbe. Schwalbe information is a mess on Amazon (tons of critical translation and typographical errors), but gets better on its website. I’m talking about tire widths. And the reviews really make me nervous that you don’t always get what you order. Or what you think you ordered. And then there is the vertical color system built into the tire tread that is super cool, but super confusing. I think I want blue, but then the choices I’m left with feel ho-hum. While I really wanted to jump at this brand, so many things are pushing me away. The Magic Mary seemed really solid.

I know I’m making a mountain out of this, but then again, we tend to do that alot with gear on this forum haha :heart_eyes:

Does anyone have any substantial experience with the Minion, and then can recommend something based on my needs described above? Thanks in advance for any insight, and for taking the time to read.


I’m short on mental energy today (2.5 year old worn me out in Prague!)… but while I’m a fan of the Rekon personally. For what you’ve stated you wanted I’d probably suggest looking at the High Roller 2.

No personal experience granted, but if I was building a 29er afresh and wanted something with a bit of punch but with a design that looks like it rolls when needed, I’d look there.

Can’t recall how wide it go for a 29er but I think it comes in 2.6”.

I’ve briefly tested the DHR 2 in 3” for a 29” and it was amazingly grippy and robust feeling. I loved it but then I took it in my more typical paths / almost tarmac and it didn’t like camber - whereas the Rekon+ 2.8” doesn’t do anything on a sharp camber.

But yeah I’d be looking at the High Roller 2 I think if this were me.

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Thanks for taking the time. Looks like the High Roller II is 29x2.3. I’m still digging around though with that choice. I’ll probably have more questions for ya, as always :slight_smile: :scream: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

EDIT: I found the 2.5 inch version. Nice idea and find.

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No worries. It’s an area that often leads to paralysis I feel as you can’t really tell until you try a tyre.

Just checked the High Roller 2 can be had in 29x2.5… but perhaps a bit too narrow for what you want.

I’m sure I’ve had some other 29er tyres on my list of like to try - and I’ve tended to want ones no longer made… will try and recall where I saved it all.

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2.5" would be fine. Finding a source to buy one is another challenge for some of these tires. I’m keeping that one on the list now that you’ve suggested it.

Are you Maxxis for life? Or do you mess with other brands?

I run a 2.6 Rekon. Loved the tire this past winter. I found it cleared obstacles as well as my 3.0 but with significantly less weight. It’s also quite capable on road for unipacking and at 800g it’s not a bad choice at all.


Yeah, right on. The Rekon seems to maybe be my best choice, even though I find it a tad boring. Don’t take that the wrong way, I only say that because I’ve stuck with Maxxis.

How does it do in mud? How about with berms and sharper turns on soil?

So mine is on a 40id rim so it has a wide profile, I run mine with a tpu tube but even with 1/2 the recommended pressure and 100mm cranks it handles mud and loose stuff very well and I haven’t event put it as low as I could. Tubeless you could go even lower.

Sharp turns it soil I find it handles good, the lugs are smaller size but good enough that I find some skill added to the mix makes it handle well.

No berm experience but I’d have positive expectations.

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Awesome. Thanks for the details. Still stirring the pot of tire soup in my mind.

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AND SO IT IS DONE. I went with the High Roller II. That 2.5 inch width is the sweet spot, and those knobs got me goin’.

I do appreciate all the input!!! I’m keepin’ the Rekon on my wishlist @sexy person.

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Wrong choice :grin:
I would have went for a Rekon or a Rocket Ron. I find the High Roller 2 doesn’t roll as much as I like and it doesn’t grip as much as I like. I find the Rekon way better!
I haven’t tried the Rocket Ron myself, but two friends of mine really love it.

Time will tell!! And let’s be honest, swapping it out isn’t the biggest deal anyways if it isn’t what I want. I just don’t want to get in the habit of collecting tires I don’t use.

On paper the High Roller fits my needs very well.

But thanks for the good wishes. I am happy for your two friends.

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