Tire-Changing Anomaly

So I was trying to take the 3in Duro Wildlife tire off of 26 rim but couldn’t get it off. :thinking: (I was using the proper tools) Usually, I can get bike tires off easily so I was wondering if the tube is built into the tire? I don’t think this is true but can anyone give me an explaination or tips on changing my tire? :thinking:

(Perhaps my tire just hates me)

Duro Wildlife are just really hard tires to change. Very stiff.

Changing Tires

Mountain unicycles especially the ones with the WIDE rims usually don’t have very deep valleys making tire changing a bit more difficult. Try to pinch the tire that is opposite to where you are trying to remove it from int the center of the deepest part of the rim. Also as stated above the Duro 3 inch is a pretty heavy duty tire and it is hard to change.


Tire levers

By proper tools do you mean tire levers?
If you snap a plastic tire lever trying to get a tire off, metal ones are available. The cheap metal ones might scratch your rim but they should work. I didn’t want to scratch my 36" rim after snapping a plastic lever trying to get the Nimbus Nightrider off so I bought some Soma Steel Core tire levers from Unicycle.com UK. They are strong and have a nylon coating that stops them from scratching aluminium.

I also found with the Nightrider that if I tried to pry the tire away from the bead when it was close to the edge, the bead was tighter than if I made an effort to squeeze the tire into the center of the rim channel as much as possible to allow the edge to go a little bit further- stretching over the side to get off. I remember the 24x3 Gazzaloddi being very stiff to remove too. Good luck! It is possible that your tire may hate you, but be patient with it and it’ll come round.

ok thanks guys.

Use a downhill tyre lever, they’re like a large screwdriver but with a spoon-like end. short levers are just that… too short to get the leverage. While experimenting with tyres the other day I had to use three downhill levers to get one off!