Tire care/cleaning?

Hey Guys, :slight_smile:
This pertains to any type of tire, really. Many unis come with these gorgeous colored tires; I’m not sure about where others live, but in my city the roads and even sidewalks are rarely clean despite how often their cleaned. Riding bikes, unis, or skateboards with any tire color other than black seems scary when they’ll just turn pure black after one use (happened with my skates and I could never restore the original color). Am I just being irrational? Are there any ways to prevent colored tires from blackening? Or, of course, is there is a way to clean a majority of the scum off? If so, please respond. Hopefully this clears up.

Not that I am aware of. I have just accepted that my coloured tyre will be brown where it contacts the ground after a few rides. I couldn’t be bothered cleaning it regularly. Maybe cleaning the sidewalls may be worthwhile to keep the colour bright but I probably wouldn’t even do that

:confused: Well, they can’t look perfect forever, I guess. Thanks for the help, though! I’ll definitely remember for when I get more unis in the future. Luckily I had bought one with black tires anyway. Possibly a bright muni tire would be cool and more convenient since the riding’s done on dirt paths rather than asphalt. Either way, it’s not the most important thing to me, but I was rather curious.