Tips to fit a tire on a tight rim

Hi there,
I’m trying to assemble my 36" carbon rim and my NightRider Lite tire but can’t find a way to fit tire onto the rim. Do you have any tip to have them fit? I have already spent a few hours on it and the only results I have had are some hand pains and a premature use of my tire.

Placing the bead that is already fitted in the centre of the rim where it is slackest is, I think, supposed to help, I’m not sure if I’ve had a lot of success with this but it is worth a try.

You can also try putting some dishwashing liquid on the bead you are trying to fit (and perhaps a smear on the rim) to help ease the tyre on. If you can’t get it with you hands then then you’ll just have to resort to levers and watch you don’t pinch the tube (assuming you’re not going tubeless, if you are you might need something like dishwashing liquid to help the tyre seat when you inflate it if it is that tight).

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Thanks for your tips! Unfortunately, I’ve already tried all of those tricks. None worked :frowning:
The lever part just damaged my tire - and I broke one of my levers :laughing:

Okay, not so good, I thought you maybe had. The only other thing that comes to mind is bouncing the wheel on the ground with the tyre mostly fitted (with the remaining part towards the top) to see if that gives you any more slack towards the top.

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are you trying to put it one one bead at a time or all together, sometimes you have to just do one side at a time
the only other thing I can think of is to use cable ties, wrap them around the tire and pull them just tight enough to close the beads together, do this in 3 places 3 6 & 9 this will keep the tire pulled together and in the center of the rim all around.
I know unigeezer has a carbon wheel he put on one of his uni’s, maybe he can shed some light on this
hope you get it without any further damage to your rim


If the tire is simply too small or the rim too large the only thing I could think of is changing their size with temperature differences. Changes in temperature will change the sizes. Cool the rim as much as possible and heat the tire. Maybe the rim could be left out side during the coldest part of the day and the tire heated with a heat gun.
If the temperature trick works to install it I don’t know how it would ever be removed again if you had to fix a flat.


Good advice here. I am planning to buy one of the carbon rims soon and use the night rider light as well so I am curious to see the outcome

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What rim tape do you have on the rim Maxence? You should be using thin tubeless rim tape, if you don’t have any you want to put on 2 wraps of insulation tape. You don’t want any rim tape on the seated area.

For fitting the key point is putting the tyre in to the middle of the rim. You want to keep squeezing it in to the centre all the way around. I was able to fit several night riders on to the carbon rim with only the slightest use of a tyre lever and think if I was really stuck could have done it without one at all.


3 C-clamps pinching the beads of the tire together at 4:00, 6:00, and 8:00.
Pinch the bead by hand at 9:00 and 3:00 and work your way up to 12:00.

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I use the rim tape that came with my Nimbus Oracle 36 3 years ago. It was probably not the best idea :pensive:
I went to a bike shop and the guy succeeded in fitting the tire… But he damaged the bead so bad it does not stay in place anymore. I think I’ll need a new tire and a new rim tape… Roger, do you know if UDS DE will have stock at the same time as UDC UK? It’s easier to get stuff from there since Brexit.

Depending on the spoke tension you might be able to get some more clearance by increasing it. Tighter spokes result in a smaller rim. :wink:

Sorry to hear that your tyre has got damaged. You may find it is still useable on the Stealth II rim. It was designed to fit the Nightrider tyre and has a deeper clincher system on it.

Yes, Germany and Sweden are getting stock in July.

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My rim is still not true but the shop guy told me it was not an issue to fit the tire. But I tried to tighten it before with no success.

That’s great news! I’ll try it tonight. I still have my first wheel built with its own Schlumpf hub. Maybe I can still have a working 36er then.

Another great piece of news! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Maybe the tire will still work. The original nightrider tire does not fit correctly on the stealth rim without carefully adjusting/centering the location of the tire on the rim when installing.

Even some damage to the tire bead may not prevent the use. On this tire that popped off the rim and damaged the bead I installed a new 29" tube and have put several hundred miles on it with no problem.

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I tried to put the tire inside its original rim - a Nimbus Stealth2 - but it popped out as soon as I inflated the tube. Sadly, I think the tire is now out of order. It already had a lot of km so it’s not a great loss but it’ll take some time to replace it due to the current shortage… :frowning:
Thanks all for your tips and insights! :slight_smile:

For tight installations, I use the Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack. It’s effective for even the tightest situations. It doesn’t damage the bead, tube and rim.

I also have the Crankbrothers Speedier Lever, which works a lot faster but it can’t handle very tight installations.

Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack:

Crankbrothers Speedier Lever:

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Maxence you can try to set it tubeless with an half split tube ghetto setup. The side of the tire will still be compressed by the butyl side of the half tube


Good to know. I have a similar tyre after a blowout.

Can I take this back… the tyre factory delivered the tyres with over 100 missing! So currently no spares are being shipped. We are trying to rush another batch through and LCL them to Europe somewhere…

Does this mean you now have a few stocks in UK? I thought they should arrive on July.
Anyway, bad news. I’d get from UK if it does not into EU otherwise.