Tips please!

Got me balance back now that I have the 18"… Been riding it a few times a week and am back to freemounting, and I can pogo stick for a good minute like when I was a kid.
But I wanted a few tips on learning - How to go backwards, how to idle, and how not to kill myself going up a curb (medium sized 4 inch I guess)

working on my sit posture cause I always sit with a slouch normally and I can feel the difference when I do sit up straight!

Thanks for all your help so far!
Oh and as a side note, I was riding down the sidewalk today and got that “Look” from someone walking the other way and couldnt resist doing what I read here… Locked eyes with her (shes the neighborhood brat anyhow) adn gathered a look of shear panick and a “OMG Help me” squeaked out of my throat as I swerved back and forth right at her. She dove into the pile of snow on the grass as I rode by laughing hysterically :smiley:

You might want to work your way up the skills listed here for a while. A lot of the basic skill are hyperlinked to a page with instructions.

Riding up curbs might be pretty difficult with a small 18" wheel. Since you can already hop, why not learn to hop over it?

Also, a lot of basic skill (idling, riding backwards, etc.) have been covered a plenty of times in these forums. The search function in the upper right corner should help tons. Good luck and keep having fun!

Oh man that is mean. Funny, but mean.

Never heard of the skills test before, sounds fun, THANKS!
My son and I just made a bet to see who’s a higher skill one week before school statrs after the summer. Looser buys the ice cream

Now that’s motivation!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Just make sure you do not start riding off-road. You will not have the time to practice tricks because you will always want to ride on the trails :stuck_out_tongue: