Tips on Gliding


Just wonderin does anyone have any tips on gliding? i’d love to be able to do it. it would make hills so much easier to go down. i can one foot wheel walk about 5/6 metres most of the time i try now. i heard learnin to wheel walk is pretty important.



I personally don’t know how to glide but some people say to get good at one-foot wheel walking and then go down hills and let it slip a little at a time. And then I just got done watching someones movie where one kid would have a bar in his hand and pulling the other one “gliding” on the unicycle. It seems to be affective because it later shows him in the movie gliding.

yep im getting the hang of gliding learn to 1 ft wheel walk and just let it slip a little each time

also, its easier to learn it going down a small hill

yea u gotta get real good at one foot wheel walking

heres some tips that are probably gonna be usful -

cheers, keep it wheel.

So that’s gliding…Awesome!I’ve seen it done on TV(Master of Champions, the dude on Ripley’s Believe it or Not probably did it too) but I never thought it was that.Is there such a thing as a unicycle scooter?I guess it would be some good glide-feeling training…and fun!

Sorry for double-posting, but the forum won’t let me edit it. I think gliding just takes guts too, you feel you have less control over the wheel…or the unicycle itself, you’re going at a certain speed, and you’re just afraid of falling, remind yourself you WON’T fall, and that if you will, you’re prepared! I hope that last thing was true, though. Oh, and DON’T learn on bumpy places.

it’s easier on a slightly sloped hill. the difference between gliding and 1 foot WWing is that WWing you are powering it, and gliding you are slowing it down.

you dont really have to be that good at 1ft wheel walk to learn to glide, i was proof of that. In hindsight though, before you start gliding get your 1ft ww down solid, sure you may have to wait another week or 2 before starting to glide but you will get your balance and control so much better and you’ll probably learn gliding fast. Plus you should already be throwing in little glides in between pushes of the wheel. Anyway whenever you feel like trying it start on a slight hill and 1ft wheel walk a few pushes then see how long you can let it slide. Its pretty easy to build up the distance with a bit of practise. If you’re into freestyle (which i hope you are) getting a good glide is very important. It leads on to advanced tricks like coasting, stand up glide and backwards glide.

Hi! I was thinking these days of trying gliding. I am quite good at one-foot wheel walk (around 15 metres my best), i can surely be better. Every time i try it, i fall backwards. Maybe the hill i practice is very steep. Well, i will keep at it and write again if i get improved…


I a so happy and excited! I managed to glide for 10 metres after 4 days of practicing. The hill i am practicing, is not VERY steep, so i had to put as less weight as i could on the tire. I will search for a better one. Now, i will try to transition from riding or one-footed riding to gliding… Thank you all guys for your help!

Hi! Got 35 metres today, and did the transition. Right now i am working on the transition from one footed riding instead of the standard…

Got 74 metres before a couple of weeks in a steeper hill (it was really great, steeper hill = more speed = more excitement…) and i am now working now on coasting…

Gliding Shoes

Sorry for bringing back an old post but I couldn’t find any other close to this one…

Any suggestions for ideal shoes in learning gliding/1fww? I’ve just begun to learn 1FWW and my Maxxis tire is starting to bald (from normal wear) but it is still knobby. I need new shoes for unicycling, too…so I want to find a good pair that is ideal for 1FWW and gliding as well…I imagine anything with a flat tread on the bottom. I also like extra padding on the side since I do a lot of BC. Any suggestions?

Just make sure they’re flat on the bottom and not too bumpy. I tried to learn 1fww in running shoes and that’s when I got skate shoes because gliding was impossible with them. That’s all the criteria I’ve got, besides comfort, of course.

Thank you! I think I’m going to go for the Vans Half Cab or some kind of Converse.

i really like vans slip ons with the waffle pattern soles. They just make gliding so much easier.Unfortunately i broke mine and have to use crappy knobby sports trainers