tips for hopping higher

i wanna be able to hop higher but i just cant and its getting annoying. so i what can i do guys?

go chek kris holm has a tutorial there

A lot of it is a mental thing. Think about it. What does your body do when you hop? What about your unicycle? How do you use your unicycle to get onto something?

High hops aren’t all that great. I would like to go higher, only to keep my trials line/situation possibilities open. To broaden my skill. To have greater control over my fear of getting onto something. Anything that’s under my highest hop is pretty much easy to get onto.

Try to work on the feel of the technique, before you combine it with a pre-hop. It’s really about tuck and timing…and I think zack balwin’s said exactly that in other posts.

Do this: Stand on your own to feet. Leap from the ground. When you are in the air, quickly tuck your legs under your body, up until you reach the apex (your highest point). Do this by bringing your knees to your chest…but also tuck your feet/ankles towards your butt. See what that feels like. Kris Holm mentions a quick snap. Push off from the ground, and then snap into a tuck. Pretty easy, no?

NOTE: Your tire pressure determines the rebound you’re going to get when you push off (i.e. compress) from the tire during a regular hop or a pre-hop.

So, translate that action to pretty much the same while you’re on your unicycle. Timing and tuck.

On a bigger up, sometimes I think to myself…Okay, make your feet weightless. But doing this, you can’t forget the other two things that play into leaving the ground: compressing the tire, and letting your body (not just your legs) jump from the ground.

I’m thinking about getting some pallets, or using a high jump bar during the winter.

The bigger you go, the harder it is to recover from a landing. At your maximum height, the tire will touch your butt, and that’s how you’re going to land. And, by the way, you’re probably going to land with your tie barely on the object. That happens when you reach your maximum…which I haven’t done yet. then again, I don’t really work on it.

You shouldn’t need a pre-hop until you’re into the 30’s in inches, unless you’re of short build.

I think I’ve said more than enough. I’m no expert. There’s lots of things that go into account during an up. It takes a while to get 'em all right.

Hope this didn’t confuse.

i have that problem too. i can’t jump worth beans with the seat out front, but i think it’s because i’m not used to having the seat out front. another problem with jumping with the SOF is i just cant seem to bend my knees. is there anything to help with that???

people have said it time and time again. with most things in unicycling. there is no trick to it. it just takes lots practice and time.
the only thing that i think helps out a lot is watching other people do it better. then its all about getting on your steed and pushing yourself to get higher.
some people pick it up quicker because they are physically more capable than others. but it all comes down to co-ordination and strength, and anyone can get good at it if they practice