Time needed to adapt to the new crank length

I know that a lot of people own different unis with different crank lengths
and different crank length/wheel size ratios.
I wonder how much time does it take you to adapt to a coker for example after you’d spent
(again – just an example) the whole weekend muniing on 24" Or adapting to 24" muni after cokering… you get the idea…
In general: how much of an issue is that? :thinking: How do you cope with it during every-day riding?

I’m slowly developing a taste for a 36er…hence the question :slight_smile:


If you’re used to riding both, switching back and forth between them only takes a few minutes of readjustment. You may miss your first mount.

Picking up Cokering for the first time takes a little longer, maybe a couple of long rides before you’re really used to it.

I’ve been switching between the nimbus 36" with 125mm cranksd and the KH 24" with 165s. Getting back on the 36" takes no effort, but going from the 36 to the 24 takes a few minutes before i can really throw it around.

What he said… My two most used uni’s are the same as Kington’s.

It’s funny how it’s going back to the smaller wheel that’s harder. You’d think changing up gear would be more effort to get used to.

I’m going to get 140’s for my 36" though I think. Some of the hills round my way are a bit scary to go down and hefty to go up on 125’s. I over estimated slightly how much difference the lighter airfoil rim would make.

Excuse the simple question. But I really don’t know.

Are crank lengths measured from tip to tip or from the center of the pedal axle to center of the crank axle? My guess would be the latter, but I want to be sure.

The latter.

I ride my N36er (with 125 cranks) most, almost every day. It doesn’t take me any ajustment when I get back on her after riding any of my other unicycles.

Freestyle 20 (with 110 cranks) takes a couple of revs.

Onza 24 (with 140 cranks) is the most difficult to get used to and depends on how much I ride it. But I find the cranks are long and it always feels odd to begin with.

I haven’t ridden my 29er for months.

Swapping between different unicycles: I mostly ride a 26x3 with 150s. I’ve also got a 20" with 127s (which I really only ride once every few months at indoor unimeets) and a coker with 150s (which I haven’t ridden enough to get used to yet so it feels odd to me even when I’ve been on it for a couple of hours). I was going to disagree with kington and boogie and say that it feels normal to me going back to the 26 after riding the coker, but it’s not really a fair comparison as I’m so green on the coker.

But, possibly more usefully, I changed to 150s on my 26 after a year or so of riding it on 165s and it only took me a couple of rides before it felt perfectly normal again (but slightly faster).

Bit off-topic, but… all you experienced cokeurs - how long does it take before it starts to feel less like piloting an oil tanker or at least a large lorry? At the moment it REALLY doesn’t feel like a potential race machine to me :o
The best thing about riding the coker is how incredibly light, fast and stable the 26 feels afterwards!


Thank you.

I’ve done nearly 200 miles on my coker now, and probably 60 miles on cokers before I bought mine. It feels pretty good now, I can ride some really quite dodgey moves in traffic with confidence or throw it about on rough paths. I recently swapped to airfoil/125s/14g spokes and it’s even better.

When I was new to Coker riding it was fun to switch between the Coker and a small unicycle (like my freestyle). There was a definite short period to get readjusted to the different unicycle.

Now it’s a non issue. I don’t get to experience that fun readjustment period. I can switch between the Coker and the freestyle (or muni) with no problems.

So enjoy that novelty of being out of kilter when switching between the Coker and another unicycle. Because it will soon go away and you’ll never experience it again.

Thanks a lot for all your responses!
Good to know it isn’t as bad as I supposed :slight_smile:


I find crank adaptation varies depending on my mood and the amount of change. If I am just changing from like 110’s to 125’s, then its almost an instant change to be able to ride pretty well and then takes about 10-15 minutes to be competitive on them.

When Changing alot though like 110’s to 140’s I can still ride pretty much instantly but to be about the same skill level it just won’t happen, at least without a day or two of riding like that.