time i say i have been unicycling

i say i have been unicycling for a week and a few days even though i have been riding for a month or two. the reason i do this is because it took me a week to learn and i just started riding hard today. since i got my uni all i have really did is ride around and now i am going to get really serious about it. should i acually say i have been riding for a while and have been serious for about a day or two. i know a bunch of people think this thread is point less but i don’t really care because i am tired and sleepy and out of it

A month isn’t a long time when other people have been unicycling for 40+ years.

If it’s a matter of saying how fast you’ve progressed then it’s a bit irrelevant :slight_smile: .

In conclusion, none of it matters.

Andy you are so right. It doesnt matter how long you have been riding.


I think it matters a lot to folks in the early stages, when skills are few and very hard to pick up.

I know wotcher mean…is that date you become a unicyclist the day you first get a unicycle? or the first time you try to ride and fail? or is it when you can complete level one…I donno. it is confuzzling.

How long

I first made a successful ride 42 years ago but rode very rarely until ten years ago. I made my first parachute jump in 1962 but didn’t make another one until 1965 when I began jumping steadily logging 2000+ jumps. So did I begin jumping in 1962 or 1965? Did I begin unicycling in 1964 or 1996?

i reply truthfully to whatever people ask. for example:

Stranger: How long have you been riding your unicycle?
Me: About a year, now.


Stranger: How long did it take you to learn that?
Me: About two weeks.

when a stranger ask i am going to say i have been riding a few months but not like this. i have been riding like this just for a little bit. it sounds better and is way more true. i was really tired when i posted that last night so i probably screwed something up in it