Tim Desmet, end of 2010

Here is my new vid ^^
Clips with black uni are from the last 3-4 days of 2010 and are almost all filmed in my city. Clips with green uni is from my time in Bretagne(france) with Marin and Nicolas =D

I finished the vid some days ago, but the music was deleted very fast by youtube… so I just uploaded with other music, I didn’t want to put a lot more effort in editing ;p so it isn’t very good xD but I hope you will like it :wink:


Sweet! This is a very inspirational video! :smiley:

Very nice mate :). Keep it up!

Those clips with the benches were awesome.

HAHA!!! I laughed soooo hard watching this video!

Marin : I totally had flashbacks to NAUCC it was great! I completely forgot how you would always say, “What can I say?” HAHAHA!!

After you claimed your love for Becky’s boobs did you say you loved Colby Thomas? Hahahaha love you buddy!

Tim amazing riding! The 360 540 down the bench really stuck out to me :smiley: Keep it up bud!

Awesome man.


I liiiikkeee…unicycle…bitch…bitches


EUC summer is gonna be so funny!

hahaha that was pretty funny, and tim ur ass cheeks are amazing! <3

some homo :stuck_out_tongue:

the riding was really good to!
loved the grinds and how creative it all was

Some homo? Why don’t you just say you want to suck his cock while you’re at it?


Tim, I love your unicycling.

gotta always listen to your brothers aka the black guy



sweet vid, love your style and creativity, nothin but smooth clean riding man


LOLZ that was epic… lets leave tims page alone tho

Also tim hows the frame been doing? would like to hear if there has been any problems with the carbon frames since they just came out.

A thypical Desmet vid. Loved it, the gap to the trashbin was big. Also your variety of street skills are growing. Are you doing it all with butterfly’s or do you switch them for plastics when doing flat&tech?

Hahahaha, awesome video! Epic unicycling, very creative lines.

I really like it a lot!!! it is pretty light and strong! + it has an awesome feeling ( feel 100x better than my KH), I don’t know why, but now I can do my 360 easyer and my spins improved also (but thats probably from the nice seat…)
It has a round crown, but you can still stand on it pretty well(if it isn’t wet), so coasting is also no problem… :slight_smile:

everything with butterfly’s =D
they aren’t perfect for street or flat, but ones you get used to it, it isn’t a problem ^^

and thanks everybody else for the comments :slight_smile:


i really like this one, grinds, 360’s and, of course, the big pedalgraps!!!

but now you need to film another one only trials!!!

Yeah, that pedalgrab on the box to 360 down with broken seat was fun.:stuck_out_tongue:
And the flat como at 1:50 was the most sick of all.:slight_smile:
Keep it up